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    Steps for the default routing

    Hi Members,

    1. Position the cursor over the cloverleaf in the upper center of the View window and press the <+> key (plus) to zoom in.

    2. Click on the Add Near Stop icon.

    3. Click on the two intersections shown.

    4. Click on the Calculate Route icon

    5. Note that the route selected is not the shortest path.

    All members kindly discuss more about this thread and explain more about default routing.
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    Hi bharat,
    Thanks for your valuable information. What are the advantages of routing ? How to make shortest path routing ?


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    Advantages of Routing:
    1. Scalable bandwidth
    2. Broadcast filtering
    3. Superior multicast handling
    4. Optimal path selection
    5. Fast convergence
    6. Load balancing
    7. Flexible path selection
    8. Summarized addressing
    9. Policy and access lists
    10. Value-added features

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    Shortest path:
    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Shortest path is an optimization problem that's relevant to a wide range of applications, such as network routing, gaming, circuit design, and mapping. The industry comes up with new applications all the time, creating different parameters for the problem. Technology with more speed and capacity allows us to solve bigger problems, so the scope of the shortest-path problem itself has become more ambitious. And now there are Web-based services, where computing time must be minimized so that we can respond to queries in real time.

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