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    Tips for writing product reviews & good articles

    Here are some tips for those who are writing product reviews, including software/gadget/game reviews:

    1. Include the product/app name in the title and summary.

    2. Always write the product/app name exactly as it is written by the developers

    3. Avoid repeating the product/app name too many times. Don't repeat it in all headings. Include it in content in a meaningful manner, but don't over use it. If Google detect you are trying to take SEO advantage of the keywords, the content may get penalized and may never get any traffic. As per new Google rules, you don't need to repeat keywords several times to make Google understand your article is all about that keyword.

    4. Towards the bottom of the review, write a short paragraph about the developers and also give a link to the official page of the product/app you are reviewing. If the page is a very authority site/page, then use "do-follow" link, otherwise use "no-follow" link.

    5. Don't just write some overview. Instead, use the product/app and write detailed review and cover points that others have NOT written. Also, use the words like "when I used it", "I used this feature", "I like that feature" and so on...

    6. When you write drawbacks, avoid harsh comments like "this is the worst feature" etc. Instead, use nicer language like "this option can be improved", "this require some improvement" etc.

    7. Try to embed official videos and pictures.

    8. Try to contact the developers, let them know about the great review you have written and ask if they can add a link to this review from their official site.

    9. Submit a comment in their official Facebook page or send a message to their FB page and ask if they can share it.

    10. Send a twitter message to their twitter account with a url to your great review. Most probably they will re-tweet it and get your post good promotion.

    11. Don't forget to share the url in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social/bookmarking sites.

    12. When you are writing product specs, try to compare it with other similar products. For example, when you are writing about the processor of a smartphone, you can mention which other models/brands use same processor and which other models/brands have a better CPU. Similarly, you can briefly compare each of the features with similar products.

    If you can get some links from the official sites, that can make wonders in terms of search engine ranking and traffic to your content.
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    Hi sir,
    Thanks for the valuable tips..
    Manu Murali

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    Hi sir,

    The above tips have been most helpful.
    Thank you sir.

    Nandan V

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    Thanks tony sir for this revelent thread it would be usefull to everyone in this site.
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    Hi Tony sir,
    Thanks for providing this valuable information for all the members. This will be helping more lot in product reviews.

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    Thank you for sharing these valuable tips. They will most certainly help me improve my work.
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    Dear Tony Sir

    Thanks for information.Its really quick for us.

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    Hi all,
    This guide will surely help you write a review that gives you good traffic. In simple first write review of the product you have in your home. Surely you have either a android mobile or tablet. If not atleast you will have a basic mobile. Then write review about it. Then you will get a better idea to write review. While writing review about your own product you will understand what user search for.

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    Thank for providing a useful tips for writing product review. With the help of this forum members can develop self to writing good reviews.

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    Thanks for the valuable tips

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    Smart tips for writing reviews in Techulator. Thank you Mr. Tony.
    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I remember these tips when writing new articles.

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    thanks tony sir for this great thread now i understood how to write the product reviews. I have been blocked to acess this area due to certain resons now I understood clearly on how to write reviews on new products
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    Thanks Tony sir it is a valueable information to us now I understand that how to write a good article so thanks once again.

    Wanted to make some milestones and achievements
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    Respected Sir,

    I really want to thank you as you have provided the valueable information how to write product reviews and good articles. There were certain things about which I was unaware but after reading your tips for writing product reviews and good articles this will help me in improving my writing skills and I will be able to upload good quality articles.Well these tips for writing product reviews and good articles is definitely going help the new members of Techulator. I sincerely appreciate and thank you for the effort you have made for the members of the Techulator.

    Thank You,

    Neeraj Moudgil

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    Thank you Tony for giving excellent and valuable tips on writing good articles.


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