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    Difference between Dual core and Core 2 Duo

    I was in search of an answer for my one doubt for along time. But i got different opinions from different people. Actually my doubt is, i need to what is the difference between Dual core and Core 2 duo. Did they both are different processors or not? Friends please share your ideas.
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    The dual core and the core two duo are the two common processors having two core processors on a single physical processor. The only major difference is that the cache memory on the dual core processor will be its own for each core and workes only for the core to which it is assigned. But the cache memory on the core two duo processor will be share for both the cores depending on the usage of the softwares. This is the major difference between the dual core and the core two duo processor.
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    Thanks SULTHAN and Rihan for your contribution in this thread and a special thanks for your information.

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    Intel Dual Core is the very first dual-core processer from Intel. Here, Dual Core means it is a general terminology for the processors having 2 cores. We can say it is two chips in one package.

    Core 2 Duo are the next generation processors from Intel. Here 2 means that it is from second generation of Intel products. Intel has developed this with new architecture which makes this processor better and it runs very cool.

    Dual Core --> General name for all processors having two cores.
    Core 2 Duo --> A new generation processor with 2 cores.



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    Hi Fayaz,
    First of all i need to congrats you to make such a nice thread over here. Most of them will think inside about these difference but they wont get to ask others.Thank you Sulthan and Rihan for a values difference thread response.

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    Hi Fayaz,
    The differences between Dual core and Core 2 Duo CPUs,are as below.
    1.The main and basic difference u can see it in the socket, the Dual Core processor socket 775 and Core 2 Duo processor socket 1156 are and that are 45nm and 65nm.
    2.When u have a Dual Core processor 775 socket this use more power and produces more heat than Core 2 Duo processor socket 1156.
    3.on the basis of Performance, all those have two cores, but not all those have the same threads number, Dual core and Core 2 Duo both have two cores and two thread.
    4.Dual Core processor is cheaper than the Core 2 Duo processor

    Hope this will helpful to you.

    Kunal Singh

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    Thanks fayaz and all other friends for such a wonderful thread. it was so helpful for me.


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    Thanks to all friends who have contributed in this thread. thanks for all your information.

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