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    How to make program in Java

    How to make a program in Java and what is the steps for making program
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    Dear friend,
    To make java programs you need a software for programming. You can use Netbeans or Eclipse for this purpore. Netbeans can only make java programs. But Eclipse can make both java and Android programs. I think Eclipse is better than Netbeans. It has more features than Netbeans like Android programming.
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    Thanks for this great information. Can you tell me where I can get this software can you give me a link to dowload it and give me some suggestion to use this one

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    By using a software named netbeans, you can create java programs. This software is an user friendly one since it is easy to use. In this you can simply drag several necessary tools into the frames. you are able to drag tools like labels, textfield, button, and so on. you don't want to write codes for these tools. After the creation of a program you can run the app.

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    Can you say that is there any software like net beans without writing code for creating android application.
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    no rihan, without writing the language code you can't create any java applications. The source code is the main part of an application.

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    Fayaz where can I get tutorial on it. I just want to create a small software.
    Regards and thanks

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    Dear rihan,
    Netbeans is a applications which makes java coding simple. For example if you create a login system. First start project. Then a blank screen is appeared. You can see tool box from left center. Just drag two label and text field and one button field. Change the name of labels to user name and password and change the name of button field to submit. Text fields are used for typing our user name and password. To create a java application we need a data base to store datas.
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    Thanks for your valuable information. Now I got a basic idea now let me check youtube for more video result.
    Regards & thanks

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    To make a Java programming you need to install respective softwares to be installed in your system. Java jdk1.6 is better to use. Try to write simple programs in notepad. Save the program in .java extension. Save the file in jdk bin directory. Open command prompt and execute the program.

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    Dear Friend,
    In order to make program in java you need first JDK means Java Development kit by java that you can get from this link as per your needs:
    this JDK deploys the program made for java with extension .java to .class file which is further executed by JRE which will be in JDK build.
    And second thing you can do coding in notepad also and save it with extension of .java else official tool is netbeans. use it.

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    Rihan, for making java application you need to know the basics of java programming language. Rihan, first of all you need to study the language well and afflict you can simply do several applications according to your will. Video tutorials are available in youtube and you can also buy the study material for learning java from book stores. regards, fayaz

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    Thanks for the valuable information. I'm willing to buy that study material
    and learn it. Any way thanks for your opinion.
    Regards and thanks

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    Amandeep thanks for the link now I able to buy java development kit. Anyway thanks for the link.
    regards and thanks

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    Dear Friends you are warm welcome
    First of all before learning information about Java you need to install the java update version netbean.

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    A simple java program:

    class Hi{
    public static void main(string args[]){



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    Dear Friend,

    I think the best way to start with the book 'Head First Java',
    If you already gone through the same start coding in notepad and run the program,
    dont use eclipse or any other ides for learning coding,use notepad type the code and run ,after first success start using the ides, when you use the ide they suggest almost all the syntax needed you will not study about the compile time errors deeply,

    google hello world program in java as initial program.

    tools/software requirements for java program,
    jdk 1.6 (java 6th edition)

    second level
    ide eclipse,netbeans,intellij anyone of these
    jdk mentioned above,
    good to have account in stackoverflow website, it gives almost all queries regarding the errors,issues

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