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    How to keep clean my histroy in browser


    I am using different browser like Mozilla, Chrome and Opera for Internet purpose, here the question is How can I keep my browser clean with my history, Kindly suggestion the software which keep clean my browser clean after leaving my computer chair, As you know when we go to Internet cafe then after completing my work where we left some important data in that computer which can be use many thing, the other person can use or hack my account through my information which i leave that computer , So I want to keep clean any computer which I used for my work, So kindly tell me any software name who can clean my data when I leave the chair.
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    There are settings in the browser itself to not remember any History. It is under the Privacy tab. Once you select Remember No History then as soon as the browser closes all the history will be deleted

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    Ok Sir Thanks for giving nice information I will keep in my and in the future will use for my private work..
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    Hi Aamir !

    To clean the history of a browser is very easy task. But, if you have a lot of browsers installed on your system, it can be tedious to remove each browser's history.

    As an alternative, you can use Piriform's C cleaner. C cleaner is a sotware that cleans temporary files, browser history and several other unimportant things from your computer. All you have to do is to run the C cleaner and all the browsers' history will be removed within a few seconds.

    So, in my opinion, you should download Piriform's C cleaner.


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    Hi friends,
    Also, my avg pc tune up has this facility for clearing history.
    Thanks and Regards


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    Hi you can try out pc cleaner.exe siftware actually it will enable you to clean the complete history and if want to clean history for more browsers then really you can try this software it will help you a lot. Please be aware 'software to be downloaded from right place because officially it is not a free software you have to pay for it. But there are lot of fake and spam software available in the market with this name so try to download it officially

    regards and thanks

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    Hi Aamir,
    I suggest you to use new incognito window in your browser. This will keep your data history not to stored in your system. This will help you when you go to net cafe or browsing center. You wont get feel that you left browsing data for some other to access your details.

    If you are using home system and you are not convenient in using incognito window then normally browse with your browser. After that go to Start -> All programs -> accessories -> system tools -> disk cleanup. This will keep your system clean.

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    It is good practice to clearing recent temporary file form internet browser. Because after time it took an extra space for these temporary files.

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