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    Using System Restore Frequently

    I wanna know whether using system restore frequently (say 2-3 times in a month) may have any bad effect on my laptop or the operating system.
    Please provide details. Thanks in advance :)
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    No, I don't think there could be any bad effect at all rather then you'll lose some of current data and information. User can re-store their system as many time as they want.
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    Junoon is right there will be no problem created rather than you lose your favourite software installed so keep up the favourite software orginal which is used for installing so that your data's will not lost.

    Thanks & Regards


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    Thanks to both of you ... :)

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    Hi Shankar,
    There will be no problem in your system. The software you had been install wound not been proper. Use recommended software in your system. That will make you use your laptop in proper way. And restoring your system is good thing only. I will be cleaning your disk freshly.

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    Hi friend,
    Their is no problem. But it decrease your hard disk space. You can use any free cloud storge space for solving hard disk problem.
    Regards and Thanks


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    Thanks everybody for your suggestions.

    @Sulthan ji, May I know how it decreases hard disk space ?

    I know that System Restore Automatically creates a restore point just before starting the process of restoration so that the restoration may be reversed, but I don't think it uses too much space !!!

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    Dear friend,
    I am talking about backup data. It decrease your memory.
    Thanks and Regards


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    Hey friend,
    You can try this stuff this would actually give more space try to do disk defragmentation. The working of this software is that actually the hard-disk stores datas in different sectors or layers by recently updating your datas once in a week using disk defragmentation will actually stores data in one one layer so that the computer can fastly locate or acess the files and folders easily. So try to do this one out.
    Regards and thanks

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    My opinion is same as the Rihan's opinion. Defragmentation is a better way for increasing our pc's memory space. In the defragmentation process the system collects all the unwanted and unused scattered memory into a single one. This will help you to improve your memory space to some extend.
    SULTHAN will you please tell me about the backuping of data in detail?

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    Thanks to Rihan and Fayaz ... I have no issues related to disk space as I use Disk Defragmenter,Disk Cleanup,etc. on a scheduled basis. Thanks for your suggestions :)

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    Thanks rihan and fayaz for your valuable suggestion.
    Thanks and Regards


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