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    What are the major reasons for data loss?

    There were many reasons for loosing data in the system. What are those reasons for the loss and from which it will occur. Can members please suggest me in this thread?
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    The main reason for data lose is that use proper antivirus in your computer because viruses xan damage or destroy the datas which we have saved in the local drives. I recommend you to use avast antivirus because it's totaly not only a free software but also an useful software for all the users who use computer. There are several reason for data lose this is only one main reason for data lose.
    Regards & Thanks

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    Give a try to Microsoft Security Essential, It's completely free and does not annoy users while working on pc but it only works only if you have genuine windows.

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    Major problem of data lose is virus attack. If your computer have no antivirus data lose may occur due to virus attack. Some times data lose may occur due to remove extenal memories without safely remove.


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    Hi bharath,
    You are right it is due the virus attack so you need to catch up a nice antivirus as written above and another thing you need to do is download a tunes free software and thereby use disk defragnment optionfrom this may protect your file and computer will be more fast than before and try the defragnment software once in a weak.
    Regards & Thanks

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    Hi Rihan,
    Thanks for your response. Can you please explain what version of avast antivirus should use for better protection.

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    Hi Pankaj and Sulthan,
    Thank you for your Responses. I am using Microsoft essential antivirus in my system. It is genuine os only. But i am getting affect by virus sometime. Can you suggest me what version will be useful now.

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    Hi bharath
    Latest version is best in all softwares. I think Avast version 7 is latest. Or
    You can also use Avg antivirus. It is also provide good protection.
    Thanks and Regards


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    Dear friend
    You can download avast antivirus version 7 so that you can stay protect your computer from any attact from from the viruses and thereby reduce the data loosing. You can download the latest version of antivirus from the below link.
    Regards and Thanks

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    Hi Sulthan,
    There is one problem in AVG. If once it is installed we need removal to remove that antivirus. Otherwise it is more tough to uninstall from the system.

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    Hi Rihan,
    Thanks for giving the link. I will try to use this antivirus in my system.

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