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    Blue screen often appearing in the system

    I saw blue screen often appearing in the system while working. I don't know why blue screen appearing often. Exactly after ten minutes the blue screen appearing and then in few seconds the system gets into restart. So I can't able to work properly in the system. Members please help me regarding in this problem.
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    Hello Bharath,

    It may be caused due to your computer hard disk problem. You can check my one article Computer related problems and their solutions.

    Priyabrata Das

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    Yes Priyabrata Das is right. It is mainly due to the problem in the hardisk and RAM. I also had faced this problem, but when i cleaned my RAM and re-installed my OS the problem has solved. I will prefer you to clean your RAm and re-install OS in your PC.


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    I think this is mainly due to the problem of RAM try to fix up the ram or try to fix thevram in the secondary socket and restart your omputer and still if you are facing the same problem try to format ie reboit your system software using either pendrive or cd. I think this will solve your problem and try free to ask any doubt relating it in this forum.
    Regards & Thanks

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    Hi Fayaz,
    Thanks for your response. Can you tell me the process of cleaning RAM. How you cleaned RAM in your system.

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    Hi Rihan,
    I am using lap. There will be a single slot in laptop. How to change the RAM in laptop in another slot.

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    Hi bharath if you are using laptop then bettet try to show your laptop to some pc repair shop or other refer the link below to try changing the ram and I hope the below link will help you to try that stuff.

    Regards and Thanks


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    Hi bharat,
    If your lap have 2 slots, you can simply replace from one to another. But lap service is very difficult. If any damage may occur while removing and inserting RAM.
    Thanks and Regards


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    Bharath, rihan is right if you are using laptop then it is better to show to any repair shop. Because laptop repairing is not simple like a pc. I think it is so risky. Bharath i always use a single piece of paper to clean the RAM. Before cleaning i will spray a little amount of some body spray or anything like that to the paper in which it absorbs most of the dust in it. My friend in a pc repair shop told me this trick. I had used this trick to clean my old mouse's track ball.


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    Dear fayaz,
    Thanks for your useful information.
    Thanks and Regards


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    dear members
    Thanks for this ausum thread to be post in this forum section and it may give every users an idea what decision they can take.
    Regards and thanks

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    Hi Fayaz,
    Thanks for this information. This is really nice trick. I will try this in my lap. And as you said will try to service once my lap in shop. Hope this will be helpful for me.

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    Hi Sulthan and Rihan,
    Thanks for the information you both given. Hope this thread will be more useful for all members and this is more useful for me.

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