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    Usage of images from other sources

    We have noticed that some members are taking images from other websites and posting it with articles at Techulator.

    Please note that taking images from other websites and image hosting sites may be a violation of copyrights. Even if those images are not copyright violation, we do not allow reproducing images from any other sources/websites other than the original product manufacturer website.

    Typically, product manufacturers will be happy to share some original images for the promotion of their products. Those are the only images we allow reproducing in the articles.

    - When you write articles about products like laptops, ultrabooks, gadgets etc, use images only from original product manufacturer websites.

    - If the manufacturer website does not allow reproducing images from their site, do not use it.

    - Do not use images that has any watermarks.
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    @Tony sir, It is very good announcement from your side. I think this annoucement should be included in posting guidelines for
    Again I came across two completely copied/reproduced articles on One of them has been rejected by editor, which is good for to keep its spirit, and another is not reviewed yet. Hope editors will do some necessary action about this. Can't we take some measures to avoid such thing (copying/reproducing articles from the web.) by taking some preventive measures or by some means of penalty to the members who are producing such articles.

    Sachin R. Kukale

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    Hi sir,
    Some times I am looking for images in google. But most of the images contains water marked images. Then I am looking for images in Wiki. Then I got the images. Is these images are copywrite protected images?. I think Wiki articles are written by official developers.


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    Hi sir,
    It's a good announcement for all the member who work in this site. Thanks for the information.


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    Hi sir,
    While I was working first time in this site I had faced this problem and my resource is rejected then only I really understand that we must not copy water marked images. By publishing this new thread the new members must knew not only about copy write but also about not to copy water marked images ie, from other articles in the website. So thanks for this valuable information. And I hope that this thread is a great or useful conent for all the member in techulator.

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    Hi Tony sir,
    Thanks for this information. I was lately came to know about this information. I took images from a site for the purpose of the article. I thought those pictures are must suitable for my article. Later it got rejected and i doesn't know the reason. After you suggest me i was well clear about the guidelines. Even i suggest some of the members who are new to this site should be aware of this.

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    Tony sir, It is very good announcement.

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    Sir when I writing the articles then I take the images from google. Is it also copyrighted .
    And the information you given in th threadis very valuable to me.

    Wanted to make some milestones and achievements
    Rupesh kumar

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    Hi Rupesh,
    Some of the images were already used which you find in google search list. Every image produce meta tag and in that keyword you can know whether that image is used in any webpage or not. If it used it will be mention and if it dint used then it wont be displayed.

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    It is a nice announcement that members should not take images from other websites. Members should also remember that water marked images should not be copied..We will definitely take care of this guideline in the articles which will be posted in future.


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    Hi Sir,

    This announcement will be very helpful for the people who upload the articles in the Techulator but some people are unaware of this fact that they cannot copy the images from other sites . Please make sure that you add this announcement to the guidelines of the Techulator and apart from this editors should tell people who by mistake upload the article with such images. I am now very much clear about such images because using such images from other websites and sources may result in the violation of copyrights.

    Thank You,

    Neeraj Moudgil

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