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    Resource Posting Guidelines in MyWindowsClub

    General guidelines to post resources in a better way in MyWindowsClub

    1. The articles should have a good title.

    A good title of the article is more important than the body of the article itself. The title of the article should be a catchy one because if the title of the article is not good and the body of the article is good, no one will read it because no one will be attracted to open the article and see the body of the article. A single word title can be more attention grabbing then multiple word title.

    2. Each paragraph must be separated by a single blank line.

    The article you are writing should be spread out and not clubbed together in one paragraph, as it usually doesn't attract visitors and makes it hard for the person reading it to understand better. If you spread out your facts in the articles the articles not only looks good but is also easier for the person reading it to understand.

    3. Each sentence must start with Upper case letter.

    Each sentence in an article should start with an upper case as per the rules of good English. Upper case is also necessary because starting a sentence with an upper case makes the article look good.

    4. Give a single blank space after each sentence.

    Give a single blank after every sentence or else the sentences will look very bad, and cannot be understand because without a blank all the sentences will club together making it very hard to read.

    When you use the header tags (H1, H2, H3 and H4), they will automatically insert a blank line. So, do not add an extra blank line below such headings.

    You must explicitly add a blank line between each paragraphs and heading made using b tag (bold).

    5. Try to install Google toolbar and use "spelling check" before you submit a resource.

    Always check your article for spelling mistake with help of Google Toolbar

    6. Do not make all characters in resource content or title as UPPERCASE (Capital letter).

    Do not write all the words in UPPERCASE as it becomes very straining for the reader to read as it strains your eyes very severely.

    7. Do not use letters like ....., !!!, ***** etc at the end of the sentences and chat code words.

    Never use chat language in a resource as it will reduce the points, cash credits, revenue and visitors.

    8. Use keywords:

    One of the most important aspects of your resource is "Keywords", your text will attract high readership via search engines if you use good key words and highlight these words in bold resulting higher revenue and visitors from outside IndiaStudyChannel

    9. Use images:

    This is an optional aspect of your article. You don't need to put in images for every text, but if, for example, you are writing on a travel topic, a mobile phone, etc you could insert an image in-between the text to make your article look better. Proper use of images is a very important thing as images not edited properly using HTML tags can make the article look bad in spite of making it look any better, so editing of the images is a necessary point.

    Do not add footers with your name or message

    Do not add messages like "Wish you all the best", "Thanks" etc in the bottom of the resources.

    Also, do not include your name in the bottom of your resource posts. They are already part of the header.


    Never copy articles from other websites and books because it is a copyright violation.

    Reproducing your own blogs

    We do allow reproducing articles from your own blog, only if you provide a link from each of your blog to the corresponding resource post in MWC. For example, if you reproduce 3 blog posts out of 10 blog posts from your own blog, each of those 3 blog posts should have a search engine friendly hyperlink to the corresponding resource pages you post in MWC.
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    good post Ankit Das. It will surely help other members to write good resources.
    Abhisek Panda
    Be Happy and Make Others also Happy
    Go Green and Save [Y]our Future.

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    I just opened the forum to post a thread for resource posting guidelines. In fact, I just added a category called "Guidelines & Policies" and was about to post a thread like this.

    Ankush really rocks! I am sure MWC will be a great success soon with enthusiastic stars like you.

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    good suggestions ankit
    keep it up and guide all new members of
    i think it will most help full to other members to write nice resources

    Thanks & Regard
    Umar Daraj
    Jaipur (Raj)

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    Thanks for the useful information Ankit. This would help all the new members to post quality content.

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    Thanks for posting this useful Resource Posting Guidelines. But, You should also post this in resource section. I was searching in resource section about this post yesterday but I found it today here.

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    Very nice suggestions sir. It wil help MWC members a lot.
    Krishna Verma

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