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    How can we increase adsense revenue

    How we increase adsense revenue by bloging and also how can we use adsense account in youtube.
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    You can increase you Adsnese by submitting quality content in the techulator and can make good earring from Google. but mind it your content is in your own wording not copy from any other source otherwise if you capture then first you will be banns by Google and also in Techulaotr you may be lost some access in your account. then don't cry for and create request. so be aware.

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    I agree with what Zanib says. Be active in all sections. Participate in all contests and produce good articles. Automatically your value will be increased and your earning also gets increased. Try to present new things often happening around you in articles. This is the key for success. Hope you got it so.

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    can anybody tell what is the use of adsense account in youtube

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    If you upload original videos on YouTube, that is self made videos, then YouTube offers you the chance to monetize those videos using Adsense.

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    Can you explain what do you mean by monetiz videos in youtube.

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    Hello Rihan,

    If you watch any video in you tube you might notice that there is one relevant ad at the bottom of the video. This is adsense ad. if you attach your adsense account with youtube account then you will see your adsense ads in your each own youtube uploaded video. When visitors watch your videos and click on the ads you will get adsense money for that. But remember that your all uploaded videos must be your own, not a copied videos.

    Hope you got the answer.


    Priyabrata Das

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    Hello Priyabrata Das

    can you tell that how much revenue will we get for each visitors who click on tha ads.

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    There is no fixed amount, you can get anything from $0.01 to $3 or even more.

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    You need to upload self created videos in youtube, that means the video content , music... must be yours.

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    Hi friends,
    Thanks for the information. But I cannot make adsence account using techulator. My early request is rejected by google. How to request again? Please help me.


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    In the rejection mail there will be link for reapplying, use that.

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