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    Serious doubt about getting traffic to my articles

    If my page shows up on Google and is placed on the first page among the top 10 articles for a particular search is it a good thing? Does it guarantee more traffic to my page or are other factors also relevant?

    I ask this as a woman author.Do searchers prefer to read technical articles by male writers? Will my work not be taken seriously because of my gender? Should I stick to a pseudo name - "Tech Savvy" instead of using my real name?
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    I have personally never thought while reading an article whether it is written by a male or female!
    I don't think generally your gender should make an effect but in case you feel the other way its totally up to you.

    As for traffic on your articles in case your article is in top pages, it will depend on how much are the searches for that topic.

    It is easy to rank at top places in search to rarely searched keywords, difficult is to rank for topics which have considerable monthly searches.

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    I personally want to say one thing over here. The gender doesn't give the quality and valuable to matters. If you presenting an article, if suppose your article getting up into top ten pages in google, it shows your quality matter. That gives the user a good preference while he search that topic.

    Google doesn't think which gender presenting article. It needs only value. That shows who you are. For that changing name and all is up to your mark. Show your contents valuable and meaningful. The keywords which you going to present only filter your article in those top ten in list.

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    Hello Juana,
    Let me congratulate you first, if your articles are getting top rank. It means your articles are unique and you have quality contents. No, Gender can't be any factor at all. If still you have doubt, I can bring up 1000 of examples where Female techies are far better then male techies.

    Yes, Just try to do small research on Keywords[Use AdWords Keyword Tool] before writing articles. Thus you'll be able to produce great quality articles with optimum keywords and topics which can surely guarantee you the best traffic.

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    Thank you The Junoon for a wonderful suggestion. It will be of immense help to me as this was an avenue I had not explored while writing resources. I understand the importance of using the right keywords and will use your suggestion while writing articles in future. It is nice of you to have shared this smart tip with me.
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    As a blogger, your writing skills are more important than your gender. Infact, your gender doesn't matter at all for deciding your website's or blog's traffic.

    If your articles are shown in top search results on Google then it is a good thing for you. This will guarantee a high traffic to your website or blog. But if you write something that nobody wants to read, you may be wasting your time.

    Let's understand this with an example. Suppose you write an article on topic "Blue mangoes". Now, when you search "blue mangoes" on Google, your articles will definitely come in top results. This is because there is no such thing as "blue mangoes". In this case, you will not get any benefit through this top ranking on Google because nobody will search about "blue mangoes" except you. So, topic of the article is of extreme importance.

    Try to write what everyone wants to read. It is not about your likings, it's about people's likings. If you want to drive huge traffic to your website or blog, you must write on interesting topics. If you write on an interesting topic and that article appears in top results on Google, you will definitely get benefitted.

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