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    How to delete your data permantly from your hard disk?

    Hi all member

    Today we can discuss about how delete your data permanently from your hard dish or USb or Micro card.As seen most of time when we sale our computer hard disk and mobile then we just delete or format our micro card or hard disk/Usb and other party who purchased it then they can recover all data by using recover software.So this thing is very serious for example if you store picture and other family data then any one can access easily to your family picture ans other data .So kindly discuss this topic and tell the best solution of problem.If you have any idea about any good software that can permanently delete our data and can not access anyone to our data at any time.
    Please share with us your best solution for members.
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    Theory is that whenever the data retains in your hard drive until and unless some other data is put in the same sectors of the HDD,

    One thing that significantly decrease the chances of data recovery is to defragment the Hard Drive. I would suggest you to use some advanced Defragment tools like Auslogics Disk Defrags, do the defrag in "slow/ complete/ thorough mode, it is a freeware and to test it's efficiency after the defrag is done, restart the system, and try any recovery software by yourself.

    If the data is too sensitive then I will ask you to follow the similar procedure and also you can format the drive (SLOW) and put some other data on the HDD first, fill the HDD with other data and you know back and forth and you're set.

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    Hi Shah

    Yes we can delete our full data from the any hard drive by using Software which you can download internet.

    There are many software who permanently delete our data from hard drive and you can not recover data from any recovery software.Please visit and check permanently erasing data software and try that you can find better.

    One Thing remember that these software take much time like may these software delete your data in two day or maybe in one week but its depend on the software speed and on your data storage.

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    Aamir Khan

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    Hi Shah Nawaz,
    No, you can never really clear a hard drive.The data is nearly always recoverable, unless it has been overwritten a number of times.That files should simply be overwritten once with a single character.
    The only way to actually prevent anyone from ever seeing your drive is completely destroying it, but if you mainly just want to clear it as you are selling your computer on etc, then just reformatting the hard drive and then re installing thee hard ware will keep everyone but the only very eager and technically savvy people away form your data.

    You can also try the some clean up software tools like cleaner or tuneup etc.
    Hope this will helpful to you.

    Kunal Singh

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    The data can be completely destroyed by corrupting it during the time of deletion. There are few softwares which "shred" the data and if anybody recovers this data then all he will get is corrupted unusable data.

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    Yes, wen can delete the data permanently from the hard disk.While deleting a file, press the shift button along with the delete button.It will show a warning message. Click "yes".

    Otherwise take command prompt by typing cmd on run."Run" can be taken ether bey pressing "window key + r" or from "start" in the task command prompt, type "delete *.*" then enter.



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