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    What are the differences between Tablets and Laptop.


    Would any one provide the common and basic differnece in Tablets and Laptops.


    Gaurav Jetly
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    Hello Gaurav,

    There are many basic differences between a tablet and a laptop. Some of them are:

    You can use a tablet to accomplish some casual tasks like reading books, playing games, browsing etc. and even you may carry a tablet when you are travelling anywhere, very easily whereas a laptop is meant for business purpose. You can do programming, computing, documentation and complex computing tasks that one can perform on desktop systems.

    keyboard and mouse:
    Unlike laptops no keyboard and mouse are attached with a tablet as they generally have built-in software keyboard as touch screen facility. But nowadays, some tablet manufacturers also facilitating users with dockable keyboard. For eg. Stylish Q702 hybrid tablet from Fujitsu.

    Size and weight:
    The other differences lie in terms of size and weight of the gadgets. The tablets PCs are small and lighter in weight than laptops.

    Sushil kumar saini

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    Thanks for the information Sushil.

    In my opinion Laptop is the best.

    Because Tablet its like 'Mobile computers' which have touchscreen features and pen enable interface. However, but its like limitation touchscreen feature without keyboard.

    I think tablet its only for gaming and internet access for one of latest gadgets and you can also, watch movies.

    Moreover, in Laptop I think have all the features which we required.


    Gaurav Jetly

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    Tablets are more portable than a laptop. Their main purpose is to provide laptop like features in a more compact design and small size.
    Following are some points of difference between a tablet and a laptop

    - Tablets are small sized computing devices with a screen size of 7 to 10 inches. The screen size of a laptop is above 10 inches and upto 17 inches.

    - Tablets are full touchscreen while laptops have keypad and touchpad for user inputs.

    - The processor of a tablet is slow as compared to that of a laptop's processor. Tablets' processors are usually 1.5 GHz while laptops' processors are usually 2.5 GHz.

    - Tablets usually operate on Android while laptops use Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

    - If you are a software developer, you will not use a tablet to develop softwares. But you can use laptops for this purpose. Tablets are not that much capable.

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    Main difference of tablet and latpots are interface. Tablets are touch interfacing. But laptops are not. Tablet are very flexible

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    At my thoughts
    1. Laptop interface is typically made with keyboard and use of mouse. But Tablet is not like that. Tablet interface is fully made up with touchscreen.
    2. Laptops are virtually designed for portable. Some of the Tablets are light weighted and portable. But many other tablets are designed for Desktop usage.
    3. Laptops functionality performs faster and its performance were also good. Tablets are faster in some applications.

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    The main difference is that Tablets are operated through touch interface. A laptop is the one which contains keyboard, optical track pad to operate. Tablets are easy to carry where as a laptop are not so easy to carry. Laptops are better than tablets when we consider the processing speed.

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    Dear friends,
    Thanks for the information. I learned lot of things from this thread. Any way thanks to all.


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