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    Which browser is d best?

    There r thousands of browsers available in the net for Windows users.So,which one do u like most and why?

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    Yes it is true that so, many browser is available and different people they like different one as per their need.

    Internet Explorer
    Google Crome

    However, I like Google Crome the most because it provides security and when you open the browser then you will see all the information and website name once you sign into your account. It does not have any parental controls. If crome get crashed then you can click on new tab placed next to the originating or parent tab which provides much easier work.

    Also, it provides high speed which you are browsing as compare to other browser. When you open any wesbite Or the website suspected of phishing or containing malware, then it showed a warning.

    In crome you will get auto-updates function.

    Gaurav Jetly

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    Even i prefer Google Chrome mostly. It helps in easy downloading and also comes with loads of online protection. Google chrome also comes with various useful extensions like Google dictionary and traffic count for bloggers,

    Mozilla is also good but I have faced problems of hanging up like the screen which shows Kill pages or wait many times and hence I would suggest that Google Chrome is best. At least it works for me.

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    Google is the best due to its fast response and reliability. Google Google Instant service provides not only auto-complete sentence facility but also displays instant results even when you are typing on search engine box without waiting for completion of your sentence.

    Google search will be updated with 'Semantic search technology' very soon which is the perfect combination of Artificial intelligence and Knowledge graph. Then web searchers will experience more fast and perfect responses from the Google search engine.

    With Semantic search technology update, user will not be let with a number of web pages links as search engine result but will be responded with more precise intended results and only relevant webpage to his search query shall be displayed.

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    Google Chrome is the best one for browsing. Internet Explorer is the next one, sometime it gives unnecessary trouble cause people reduced to use it. Another best one is Mozilla and it has no issues.

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    In google crome when you go in setting then search you can select search engine like Google, Yahoo Or Bing. Also, you can enable instant for faster searching.

    Another use full option that, Google Chrome is using your computer's system proxy settings to connect to the network.

    In my way it is one of the fastest browser.


    Gaurav Jetly

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    Hello Ranjan,

    There are so many browsers but I have noticed that most people like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It all depends on person to person that which kind of browser he/she likes the most because some people want a simple interface and some Technical person will require many advanced features in it.

    I will say Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are the best for me. Everyone can choose his/her choice.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ravneet Singh
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    Well as per my experience Google Crome is one of the best browser all the way.

    Few days back I saw on Techulator lots of people they would love to use Google crome only.


    Gaurav Jetly

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    According to me google chrome is the best web browser now available. Mozilla firefox also has equal importance and we could give second position for that browser.

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    Hi member
    There are many browser are available on the Internet .The list of browser is given blow please check them

    Internet Explorer

    Mozilla Firefox
    Google chrome
    Above all these Browser are using on the internet.I am using Google chrome and I am with satisfied with their speed and working so I recommend you that please use Google chrome which give best output for working.Its is very fast browser and do not load on your Computer during work

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    well ,

    No doubt so many browser are available and we can use it for their specific security and utility,

    IE running with a bit slow, but comes with high securities.

    Mozilla runs with very fast with in-build download manager itself, also it has Master password with a lots of add-ones.

    I am currently using Mozilla ver 13.

    You can use chrome. I like its for the speed for only Google site, also it has lots of Add-ones.

    Basically safari is very fast on Mac can use it....but not speedup your system.

    Opera and NN is also good....I would like to say opera is very fast then other in Mobile internet.

    This all about the browser, so think and use any.


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    Tough choice between Firefox and Chrome

    Chrome beats Firefox in speed . But Firefox has rich community and great apps specially for web-developers.

    But for mobiles I feel opera is the King .

    Pre Anu

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    Yes Pre Anu, if we talk about the mobile browsers then there is no competition with Opera. Opera is the best mobile browser I have ever worked on.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ravneet Singh
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    Hi brothers and sisters,
    I think google chrome is only better choice for google sites only. Like google, gmail, blogger, googleplus..etc. But this browser not safe. I use maxthon browser. Maxthon work powerful security features. This browser is easy to use, tight security and faster.
    Free download maxthon3 on

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vignesh Waran

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    Hi guys,

    Good to know all of you like Google Crome.


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    Mozilla firefox is best for PC users.It is is most secured browser in the world and it is user friendly

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    Hi Ranjan,

    Their were many browsers in windows which will suit to browse. But i will prefer Google Chrome is the best browser at my point.

    I will order the browsers list as top,
    1. Google Chrome
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Internet Explorer
    4. Opera

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