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    [Discontinued] Introducing Member of The Week and Member of The Month awards in

    Many of you reported we don't have a lot of contests and other reward programs. It is true that we do not publicly announce a lot of contests and reward programs in this site. The primary reason was, we did not want to create an unhealthy competition between our active members. Instead, we were silently rewarding our best authors in different ways.

    In last 2 years, we have grown to a popular technology website. I think it is time to start some programs to attract more people and keep our existing members motivated. As part of these efforts, we are introducing Member Of The Week award.

    Member Of The Week Award

    Every week, we will select one member as the Best Member Of The Week award winner. For the selection of the winners, the week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. The winner name will be announced on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

    The prize will be Rs 100 Rs 250 cash rewards, 50 extra points and a soft copy certificate.

    The Member of The Week award program starts today (Monday - 28 May 2012).

    Member Of The Month Award

    Every month we will select the best member as the 'Member of The Month'. The month starts on the 1st of the month and ends on the last day of the calendar month.

    The prize will be Rs 250 Rs 500 cash rewards, 100 extra points and a soft copy certificate.

    The Member of The Month award program starts on 1 June 2012.

    Selection Criteria

    The selection will be primarily based on the total points earned by the member from the content contribution in all sections of this site.

    The idea is to reward the member who adds most value to the site. There is no guarantee that the person with the highest points will win the award. Someone with lower points may be selected if his/her contribution is much more valuable in the form of high quality articles and Answers in the Ask Experts section.

    No member will be considered for the same award more than 2 times consecutively. For example, if you are the best member for week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4, you will be selected as winner in week 1 and week 2. You will not be considered on week 3 but will be considered again on week 4.

    We reserve the rights to exclude any member from the selection if we find he has been involved in any activities that are not in the best interests of

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
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    Its a good idea to encourage writers. Best of luck to all members.

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    Wow this is really encouraging contest and I am sure it will bring the best in every writer.

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    Excellent idea sir, It is really useful to encouraging the writers. It will bring best one.

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    Really great announcement, which will definitely create a healthy competition among members of

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    Nice Approach...It will motivate me to become more active at

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    It is really an excellent idea and motivating the members to contribute more towards the site. I hope members will definitely start contributing good articles and participate in forums actively to win the award.


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    Thanks for the announcement sir , hope this contest bring new spirit and encouragement to the writers and to take active part in resources, forums.

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