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    What exactly is Wordpress????

    What exactly is wordpress and what are its advantage?
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    Wordpress is free as well as paid blogging platform basically.You can create your own blog for free using Wordpress's free blog hosting service with free domain name.You can also chose for premium domain names by paying them.It has lots of tools and features which are essential to create site or blog.The wordpress is very famous all over the world.
    Sachin R. Kukale

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    Is it the same like

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    Dear member
    I would like to know that what are the features with Wordpress that makes it stand a step ahead when it comes to comparison over Blogger? As I do have my own blog but I wish to create a full website which will serve a good purpose.

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    Wordpress is a free publishing platform which can be used to share your ideas and thoughts to the world.It is very easy to use, just sign at to open a wordpress blog, you can also buy a premium domain for it.

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    Which is better Wordpress or Blogspot?

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    In my opinion, wordpress is much more better than blogger.

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    What are the features in wordpress which make it better than Blogspot? Could you please elaborate

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    @Shivangi Varma

    Blogspot is a google product, its like ready made thing for blogging and there are many option in Blogger which we can use for any type of website like blogging, business, music, games and etc

    #Blogger is free.
    #We can use custom domain for instead of Blogspot.
    #We can change templates(themes) as many as we can. their are thousands of free templates available on internet
    #Easy to perform SEO.

    Wordpress is a paid platform were user needs to install wordpress script in our hosting control panel.It has many options and we can anything as we can.

    #wordpress is easy to use.
    #we can easily get traffic by writing SEO rich content.
    #the themes are paid and looks beautiful.

    If you are a beginner in blogging i suggest you to use blogger first then proceed to wordpress.

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    Hi member
    Blogspot and Word press are same but their working is different.The tools which are using in the word-press is change then blog.The feature of word-press are so interesting,.You can work on word-press freely and paid some amount for getting your own domain name.But its deppend on yourself.blogspot is different and its provided by the Google where you put your article and information which have in your own words.The feature and tools in blog are limited and you can not make more beautiful your blog like domain.So iF you use blog then you can not pay any paisa.But if you want to full access to the domain then you can pay some amount to the word-press.

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