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    New message in Adsense account

    I got the message like this in Adsense account,

    "Your ads have recently appeared on websites you haven't authorized. To avoid lost revenue, make sure to authorize any sites where you display ads by visiting your account settings."
    I checked Account settings in Adsense account and approve, "" for which it was showing the error.

    After 30 min, I saw that 0.80$ which was adsense earning of that day was removed!

    The URL channel for 0.80$ was and with 13 clicks out of 27 total page views.

    Why it happens to it? problem was with this URL ""
    Then why adsense revenue for ask experts ads was removed?

    What was the problem?
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    If you saw 13 clicks out of 27 page views, that indicate a serious click bombing on your AdSense account. I suggest you remove all sites from the authorized sites list in your AdSense account and also report the click bombing to Google right away. Here is the link to report:

    If you delay this, Google may suspect this as fraud click by yourself and may disable your account.

    If you have any stats to show and prove the click bombing, send that as well. Do you have Statcounter reports?

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    i am also facing same problem.

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