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    How to get 1000 pageviews / day in 1 year

    My name is Palla Sridhar.
    I'm new to this forum.
    I just found this site on google when I searched for this term "compare windows 7 and windows 8".

    I really felt amazing when I found your site ranking 3rd for that keyword.
    Can anybody help me with SEO tips to gain 1000 pageviews / day ?

    Atleast can you tell me what SEO things this blog is following?
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    Its not so easy to get 1000 viewers per day, you have to do a lot of hard work for achieving the same which includes good content writing, building effective backlinks and much more seo steps

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    Sir it is not easy to view 1000 pages of your blog in one day but it is not impossible also other blogger blogs and people visits in their blog more than 50,000 . The best thing you can increase your traffic to your blog are:

    1) Give answer in any of the site like yahoo answer and after giving answer type your blog URL also .
    2) Post your blog URL in many answer as you could. This is a very effective tip for increasing more traffic to our blog.
    3)Posy your blog URL while giving comments in any site .

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    @Pavnesh : Thanks for your tip. I'll try to implement and see.
    BTW, do you know anything about to increase social signals. Does Google penalize for using that site?

    Also what is your recommendation on SEOProfiler?

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    If your blog contain unique and natural content then 1000 page views is possible in a single day. But you have to put great effort to your blog with a great innovation because the content is the king for every blog.

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    What is your niche?
    Certain niches are easy to rank for and some are highly competitive.

    I would second Pavnesh and encourage you to edit your member profile on this forum and other forums and add a sig or signature.

    The general syntax on most forums is
    [url=""]this is my keyword[/url]

    On techulator and sister sites - we have a special text box to accept your url - please enter it there in all it's entirety - hit save and test it.

    Next - Post often and contribute often - this will establish you as a leader, and get you LOTS os backlinks and LOTS of traffic.

    Next visit other blog(s) and comment on them - especially Comment Luv blogs

    Next - Add a blog to your website (if it does not already exist). Write articles often and publish them. Share them on Google Plus and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.

    For me I wrote numerous articles and got only 10 visitors.

    Then - I check my Google Analytics and looked at the search terms and started posting articles on the long tail keywords.

    Now my traffic and Pageviews has increased tremendously.

    Thank you for posting such an excellent question and we appreciate your membership here.

    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

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    @Latha Thanks for the response.
    My website is
    My niche is Windows and Technology.

    Also how can I add my website on technular.
    I tried to add to my profile, but there is no text box there.

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    Here is how:

    1) Go to members dashboard ->
    2) Click on Edit profile -> Update your profile
    3) Go back to members dashboard ->
    4) Click on Site Settings->Edit Forum Footer
    5) Enter text in Forum Footer -> I have added
    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

    6) Enter Website URL -> I added mine http://..

    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

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    Also please add

    Website Title -> Add a title with keyword you are targeting to rank for

    Now go back to members dashboard and update your social settings

    Your niche is a good one.

    The best way to get consistent traffic would be to add articles on latest technology product(s) / resources - as they are released.

    This gets an instant boost.

    I love your blog.

    I have a few suggestions:
    1) Change the Google Plus profile to a snapshot of you (not your son)
    2) Make your author name linkable and link it to your author page
    3) It seems a bit cheesy to see a small child publishing hi-fi articles. You need to brand yourself and people will trust you. I cannot trust a child, it feels like child's play

    You are already getting many pageviews from different countries. - Congratulations!!

    Check your Google Analytics and look at the keywords there and write articles for them.

    Go to Google Trends and get new trending terms to write on.

    Please share your journey here
    Have Fun!!

    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

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    Unique content with following SEO terms can bring traffic to your site normally. You just need to understand the search engine algorithm and not to violate any policy. That's it.

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    Rahman, very true.
    Unique content is key. A client of mine had duplicate content on his website and got penalized. Sadly, he had no clue that the content was duplicate. He had outsourced this service.
    I think it is very imperative to emphasize that "Please do not plagiarize" It is a crime.

    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

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