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    Discuss: Do u think technology is changing too fast nowadays ??

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do u think technology is changing too fast nowadays ??'.
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    Yes, Of course. In very short time in computer and mobile technology grow very fast compared to other field.

    Latest operating systems are available in mobile phones like now mobile phones come with Android 4.0 system and also with windows 8.

    Mobile phones upgraded with 1 GB RAM and 1GHz processors.Before it comes with 128 MB internal memory.

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    Yes today technology is advancing day by day.There are new changes and upgrades to each and every gadget.New and advanced features are added each day and these gadgets making themselves very useful. Actually they have side effects too and we are using these technology from the moment we getup to the moment we sleep.
    Sachin R. Kukale

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    Yes, 1912 is not now it is 2012 so many changes are occured. Invention of computers and mobile, Internet etc led to a new generation of technology. The models of vehicles and devices also changed a lot. The working in offices are also changed into Online jobs etc. The reason about this is the growth of technology. We can't imagine what will happen tomorrow because of this technology.

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    Dear member
    there is no doubt that technology is changing at a very fast pace and every day we get lot of new innovations, this word is so often used today that I am getting fed up of it. It is so confusing to watch what we bought today may be outdated after three to four months, I have this experience as I bought the I phone 3 this year and when my friend try to show me their own 4S then I feel like I have done a bit early in getting it. I think the more we wait the more we will have to suffer and even getting a one is more painful.

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    One more reason for the growth of technology is the in older days there is no importance for the field of education. But now it changes education must to live. So by the education the new technology is growing faster and faster. This world is a computer world it is also changing into tablet or other than. So there is no doubt that technology is growing faster.

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    Technology changing too fast compared with olden days because of rapid increase of online users , innovative developers in software technology fields , better equippment ,bringing awareness on education and technology news

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    Yes friend technology is changing too fast. Now today is not still standing for up to tomorrow also. Tomorrow introduce a new competitive technology. And also it's affecting to The rate of crimes is also increase with according to technology

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    Dear Chetan,

    In today's era every second new innovations are going to invent and implement that's result in fastest change. Technology makes human life easy and its the need of today therefore maximum innovations done in technology. In 1998 I seen mobile handset which is too costly, now a days its a general with very less operating charges. Other example, Government of India developed very low cost tablet PC for student, that may help for much more innovation in coming days.

    with best regards

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    Yes Whats New Today Becomes Out-Dated Day-After Tomorrow.

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    I really surprised to thinking about in technology products invented in past and now they made our communication easier example : mobile phones, portable computers. These technology products playing a vital role in human communication . They become a part of our lives today. Hope more technology products to be exist in feauture. Technology is endless.

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    Yes I agree with you that technology is now changing in these days.
    technology change our life and living.
    In the past we face many problem like a transport and other problem,m but through the technology our feel comfortable.In the past if sent a message to any oner then a man was sent to the destination people and he give the message so that way of communication but now in just few second we can deliver our message though the mobile phone.If we want to go some where on urgent basis then we pick airplane and reached our destination easily.So we can say that technology change our life.
    So technology change our life and our life.

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    Yes sure,

    Technology is changing day by day which had changed our living and domestic things. in the recent decades there are many problems facing in many aspects of life such as business, medical, transport, education and etc.

    While the technology is changing day by day all the aspects of life are becoming more comfortable as we can take an example of computer, before there was a large computer which give low calculations, but now its in small size and helps in many ways in our life which we can take to all places like laptops.

    So in other ways technology plays an important role in changing living behavior of human beings.

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