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    Google Adsense configure with my new website

    Hi member
    Today i active new Google website which is create my friend on the internet about MS in mechtronics engineering.And i configure with my Adsense account.Please check and tell me now its is ready for adsense account or revenue sharing?Now can i display Google adds on the side bar or may i put more data on the site?give me instruction.The Google site link is given blow.
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    Ensure the Google website complies with AdSense policies. Verify content quality, and unique value, and adhere to Google's guidelines. Once approved, display ads, but prioritize user experience with balanced content and ads.

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    Exciting news! Just configured Google AdSense with my new website. Ready to monetize and maximize revenue potential. Here's to a successful partnership with Google and turning my passion into profit

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    Ensure compliance with AdSense policies on the Google website by verifying content quality and uniqueness, adhering strictly to Google's guidelines. Upon approval, integrate ads while prioritizing a balanced user experience between content and advertisements.

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    Integrate Google AdSense into your new website to monetize traffic effectively. Customize ad placements, optimize for user experience, and maximize revenue potential with targeted advertising solutions.

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