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    Which Internet connection is best?

    In this thread I want to know about which internet connection is best.At present I have an BSNL broadband internet connection with an unlimmited plan.But I am not satisfied with BSNL broadband connection at all.
    So guys share your view.
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    You can get Airtel Broad Band connection or if you want Data card then Tata Photon+. These are the things the best so far "Review" and "Feedback" received from end users.


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    Air-tel is most fastest and fast speed connection of broad band.Please use these telecom services.Other connection are slow and there bandwidth is also minimum.

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    Aamir Khan

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    Hello Hafeezur & Aamir,
    thanks a lot for your responses.well,my BSNL broadband plan is unlimited 500 plan.Both you told that that Airtel broadband connection is best at present,but under what monthly plan?please tell in details.
    By the by,thanks a lot for your quick responses.

    Priyabrata Das

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    Internet is become the life line of everyone today. every work is incomplete without the internet facility. in the business internet is widely used for communication purpose.
    so, everyone wants the best internet service with highest speed. there are various internet service provider (ISP's) present in the market. such are :

    the speed of internet among these IPS's provided by the BSNL according to me and i have used this service very much...

    with regards
    amit gupta

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    Dear Priya
    I want to tell you that you can use the 3G services which is provided by several telecommunication companies. But the speed of surfing and browsing depends on the Network. Another method of the best internet connection used of plug to surf modem. From last few months, I am using Airtel data card connection with suitable monthly unlimited plan.

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    Hi Priyabrata, I would suggest you to go with Tata Photon+ data card, it has 700 plan with unlimited browsing and downloading. And if you buy data card now, they are having an offer of 10GB free browsing and downloading on FRC(First recharge), this first recharge is of just of Rs.300/-.
    The total cost of Tata Photon plus is 1199/- only, in Pune and in many parts of the country. The offer may vary from state to state, so first contact your nearest Tata Photon plus dealer to know more about the offers.

    Ataul Haque

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    Airtel, Tata, Idea and Reliance Providing best internet service. As per my experience Tata Communications is the best internet service provider.

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    Hi Priya,

    Airtel and BSNL are the best internet connection. But again, if we compare both Airtel is the best because BSNL you won't get the proper service. Also if you are taking Airtel, they will give you a land phone with no cost.

    I am staying in Bangalore and using Airtel Broad Band connection for the past 5 years. Till now, there is no issue with their network. In case, if any issue, call up the customer care. Once you log the case with the Airtel, you will get SMS with all details. They will try to fix immediately through phone support or if it is related to any other stuffs, they will send the person to our home and resolve within the timeframe.

    If you are going for data card and you are in Bangalore, the best option is Tata PHOTON. If you are frequent traveler then Reliance net connect is more comfortable.

    I am using Airtel Broad Band Internet connection and below is my detail tariff.

    Plan – Max 10GB (2Mbps/256Kbps)
    Speed – 2Mbps (till 10GB)
    After 10GB the speed will come down to 256Kbps. For home usage, I belive 10GB is more than enough.

    Please let us know if you any other queries.


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    We can not say that any particular internet service is the best than other services. Each internet service is better in their specific area.

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    Dear friend, BSNL Broad brand is even faster than other connection. Airtel net setter is also good in speed and use. So i am recommending even you have to select one of this two because two of this is good. Or you have to find other connection. Ok friend.

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    The best internet connection which give you speed in surfing the internet is wireless broadband . In my opinion the following wireless broadband are best for surfing the internet :
    1) Tata DOCOMO 3g broadband
    Speed : 7.2 Mbps

    2) Reliance wireless broadband
    Speed : 3.2 mbps

    3) Airtel wireless 3g broadband
    Speed : 3.2 Mbps

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    Airtel Connection can be of some help. The plan is flexible with varying data speeds available to chose from. Airtel has a good review as well. The speed is good. Can be given a try.

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    I think 3G fast is good in Airtel net setter. In for mobile docomo and Reliance is best. I don't know Idea 3G is also fast some what. Using a modem for the internet connection is the best way for using Internet than any other connection.

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    All broad band networks works fine but one have to choose the better with good monthly plan and data speed.

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    Everybody using Internet because this a time of technology and Internet and people want to keep their self update and want to know herself by from the world. everybody spend most of time on the Internet where he browsing and searching most of site and got more information about the world.he also want to know about the history of earth.So now people become permanently user of internet.
    In India Most of people are using Internet faculties.Most of people using hi speed Internet And they providing the facility OF Internet.In my POINT OF airTEL IS BEST FOR Internet WHICH IS PROVIDING QUALITY services And Hi speed Internet

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