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    Discuss: Which internet browser is the fastest?

    in this world everyone needs speed and in the cyber world right browser is need to be selected . a good browser always offer speed browsing , safe surfing . so please help me to choose a perfect browser .
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    Google Chrome is the best one right now, but Internet Explorer is friendly which can be used by anyone.

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    Hi Narinder,
    According to me,Google Chrome browser is the fastest browser at present.I also use Mozilla Firefox.But I am not satisfied with it due its bad service.

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    There are many browser are working on the internet but Google chrome is mostly fastest browser who give god response.So i recommend you Google chrome.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    Thanks everyone for helping me. Now i am using the google chrome and it is really fast.

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    According to the report, IE9 is reported to be the fastest browser. But if asked to me, I think Google Chrome is the fastest browser among all the available browsers on internet.
    Though I like Mozilla Firefox too, but second to Google Chrome and third comes the Internet Explorer 9.
    The look, feel and texture of Chrome is best. It smoothen my surfing.
    Actually all the browser which uses chromium's code are almost same and gives a great feel to surfing. A browser named Rockmelt uses chromium and the look and feel of Rockmelt is also same like Google Chrome's.
    So, finally Google Chrome is the fastest and finest browser.

    Ataul Haque

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    Google Chrome is really fast

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    Yet there are many browsers are available in market
    Internet Explore 9
    Internet Explorer 8
    Google Chrome
    and Many more

    The speed of internet is affected by the browser so the downloading speed and surfing speeed is much affected by the browser
    According to me Mozilla firefox is the best browser in my experience.
    It is very light weight and immune to threats as compared to Internet Explorer and has built in Download accelerator.
    Customizable settings like theme and network settings and proxy settings etc

    Some people says that Google Chrome is best but it is not true at all Mozilla fiirefox is at the top.


    Gagan Kathuria

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    I think Internet Explorer is widely accepted internet browser because many of government applications, sites, are still working on it. Mozilla is one of the fastest growing internet browser and Google Chrome is emerging internet browser which one being choice of users day by day. I like to use all of them as per the need.
    with best regards

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    Hai Narinder,
    Google Chrome is the fastest internet browser and it has lot many features like video streaming and other new featured which are inbuilt.
    So i think its better to use the Google Chrome now.

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    Dear all
    I had heard that Google chrome is the fastest browser and is currently the best but to my surprise I found that IE8 is quite faster in comparison to it and also the display is also convenient, I don't get why there is so much hype given to this browser?I wait to get my site open at Google chrome but sometimes it takes a longer time spell when I compare it with IE.I am still exploring it and I hope it will not turn me down. :)

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    Google chrome is best among all the browser. I have used all browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, safari, opera etc. from all Google Chrome is because 8 page can be saved on single window. frequently used page automatically saved on the front. number of applications available on the Google Chrome store free of download. and easy to use.

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    According to me in computers Google Chrome is good for use but it is not a browser it is a search machine. Opera browser is good in fast. Internet explorer is not at all fast as compared to Opera.In mobile Opera Mini and UCis browser is also good because it is faster than any other in mobile browsers.

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    I think Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are fastest, even Internet Explorer 10 is also good.

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    IE9 is reported as the fastest browser. But problems of hanging of pages and errors like kill pages have been frequent. In this regard Google Chrome stands the best. Its is fast and user friendly and one rarely comes across the hang up problem.

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    To get impressive and faster internet browsing speed, we have to disable unwanted apps and addons. Also delete temporary files will help us to get good quality of browsing. Hope this may solve hanging problem.
    with best regards

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    Google chrome is the fastest web browser compared to firefox and internet explorer from my expeirence in internet browsing. Operamini is also one of the fast web browser for better browsing expeirence.

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    Hi I think Google Chrome is Fastest Browser for browsing.So I am using Google chrome last year and find its is best for using.

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