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    About google plus search engine and its features

    Google plus is the latest search engine and the latest version of which member can add its own choice like music,entertainment,news etc.
    basically it has six new features which make its so attractive and useful in effective manner.i.e
    1. CIRCLE--
    The Circles feature is a clear winner. If you've ever used Diaspora, they have a core feature called Aspects. Circles are basically the same as Aspects, just implemented better.

    Circles make it easy to organize your connections based on familiarity and interest. The user interface for adding connections to circles is intuitive and easy. Brian Gilly chose Circles' ability to "AJAX drag and drop friends" as his favorite, because "clicking check boxes is for old bogeys." Well put!
    Google has been busy making changes to their navigation bar. It seems that it was all in preparation for G+. The navigation bar – which should probably be called something else now – includes a new Notifications feature. While it looks simple on the surface, it's actually quite useful and powerful.
    With Google+ your data is your data. In your Google Account settings, they have a new section called Data Liberation. In their own words, "Google lets you save a backup of your photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts, and Buzz posts to your computer."
    In Facebook if you want to send a private message, you're supposed to use their new Messages feature. In G+ you can send private messages in the same place you post messages to Circles. Instead of choosing a Circle, you simply choose one or more friends that you're connected to. When you post the message, only you and the recipient(s) can read and reply to it. It's unified messaging, and I think it's brilliant!
    If you still crave intant messaging, the web app version of GTalk is included with G+. Like me, Debra Mastaler loves that they included this, and that you can control your online visibility by choosing Circles.
    The features that really make G+ work are the little things. For example, if I want to know more about Kristy Bolsinger, I can simply hover over her name to see details. In most cases, you can also take an action, like adding them to a Circle.
    Google+ is off to a very good start, and their attention to detail appears to be paying off. It's important to note that G+ is currently in a limited trial, but I think we can expect its usefulness and usability to greatly improve by the time it launches for the general public.
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