A mobile web site from MTNL

Normally many firms wants does not want a high-tech mobile website powered by HTML 5 and their need will be served by a mobile website with a lot of static content.

To help these enterprises, MTNL has tied up with Akmin to launch a mobile website builder. The mobile website can be built in less than 5 minutes and can be published for wider access in seconds. There are more than 20 templates to choose from and the websites built on MTNL's builder will work on low-end mobile phones too. The advantage of MTNL's mobile website builder is that you can build a website right from your phone. With the website builder you can add links, content, images, forms and a hit counter too.

The services costs only Rs.75 per month who want a mobile website and for someone who already has a web address, they can use this service to publish to their sub-domain in no time.

You can visit the following site and also post comments on the experience.