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    What is Google Plus and how its work?


    Some one tell me about Google plus and how its work?What is basic features of Google plus?member please discuss here about the Google plus and their application and tell here benefits of Google plus.
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    A small transparent plus one button will appear near your search results (log into your public Google account first), when you click on it, it should turn blue; this indicates that you have +1'd that particular link, it will appear on a new tab in your account which keeps a record of the various things online that you have +1'd (the plus one tab).

    You can keep this tab public or private as per your choice. When you plus one something, you say to the world "hey this is cool, come have a look."

    It also helps you find things in search by counting the number of "+1s" a site or advertisement has received. The number of "+1s" a site gets indicates its popularity.

    For example, let us take a case of a site based on gardening. If there are 200 people who have +1'd the site along with a friend (XYZ) of yours; it will be displayed below as – "XYZ along with 199 others +1'd this link".
    Note: Google search is a not a living thing with independent thought and thus cannot understand the complexity of human connection and perceptions. Google +1 helps to quantify the process by calculating the number of plus ones a site receives and thus improves the accuracy of its search.

    The Google +1, just like the Facebook "like" will be posted inside sites and on various advertisements making the task of our daily searching a very socially engaging concept.

    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    Dear friend
    Google+ is the latest version of the google. They proudly presented this social network into the the internet world for getting more users than facebook they failed in it. But it is good to use in google+ the version of the youtube and other chatting system are all changed. And they successed in adding a good design and proper performance.

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    Priyabrata Das has put it very well. Please read some articles on techulator on Google Plus and learn how to setup your profile first.

    Setup your Google Plus profile.
    Make sure you edit your profile and add in all relevant information (which you are interested in sharing)

    Google Plus sharing has benefits - Each of the shares on Google Plus is considered good as an SEO perspective.

    Google Analytics has an option to show social sharing. Please check it out as well.

    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

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    This is very latest version of Google.Its a Community blog where you can discuss topics with your friend and college.

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