Very Low frame rates for CCTV Cameras with 2 DVRs (Digital Video Recorders)

Dear friends, we have a setup of some CCTV Cameras. Which are connected to two (DVRs) Digital Video Recorders. Both DVRs are connected to a D-Link switcher (24 ports with both up-link and down-link through RF) in parallel via two 4 meter straight cables. And switcher is connected to 22 nos. of Puppy PCs for video outputs through copper wires on LAN.

The problem is that the frame rates are very good on Puppy PCs which are closer to switcher in 4 to 7 meter range but frame rates get very low on PC that is connected to LAN at a distance of 35 meters.

Does 35-meter distance on copper wire LAN, reducing the frame rate on a broadband line?

What can be the possible solution for this problem to increase the frame rates?

Please advice.

(Sushil kumar saini)