A new venture by Internet Explorer to boost market

Due to decrease in the usage of Internet Explorer, Microsoft has launched a promotion to convince more Windows 7 users to adopt Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). Windows 7 users who download Microsoft's newest browser, then "pin" any of seven different websites to their taskbars will receive offers that range from a free month of Hulu Plus to a $5-off Fandango movie ticket. Some offers are available immediately, while others launch later this month and during December.

But Users running Mac OS X and Window XP who visit the free offers site see a different message as under : -
Oh Nooooooo...
You're using Windows OS which doesn't support Internet Explorer 9
and Site Pinning. Upgrade your web with Windows 7
and Internet Explorer 9.

I am using window 8 developer view, but it was also found the same thing when I tried to install IE 9.

Do you think, this new venture will help IE 9 to attract more customers

Regards and Thanks