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    Is online scanning of Computers safe ?

    Is it online scanning safe?

    There are a lot of antivirus companies providing free online antivirus scanning. For that, we have to download and install some files provided by them. There is option for quick scan and full scan also. If we do not want the scanning we can uninstall the software. But before the installation, they will ask to accept some conditions and terms. One of such conditions prescribed an antivirus firm is reproduced below :

    "Forwarding of infiltrations and information to the Provider. The Software contains a function which serves to collect samples of new computer viruses or other similar harmful computer programs (the "Infiltration") and the subsequent dispatch thereof to the Provider, including information about the computer and/or platform on which the Software is installed (the "Information"). The Information may contain data (including personal data) about the End User and/or other users of the computer on which the Software is installed, information about the computer and operating system, suspicious files from the computer on which the Software is installed and files affected by the Infiltration and any information about such files. The Provider shall use the obtained Information and the Infiltration only to review the Infiltration and shall take reasonable measures to keep the obtained Information confidential. If you accept this Agreement, you agree that the Infiltration and the Information may be forwarded to the Provider and at the same time you grant to the Provider consent necessary pursuant to the relevant legal regulations to process the obtained Information. "

    Kindly see the conditions. We have to give concurrence that we are ready to give all our personal information stored in the computer. However they assure as that they will keep the information confidential.

    What is your opinion on sharing our information through online scanning ? is it safe ?.

    Thanks and regards,

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    You can scan your computer online if it is a genuine and branded antivirus company, you can identify it by its URL too, or else do not take any risk even though they mentioned a lot of good text message and their own conditions.

    It is advisable to buy antivirus whole packages for own use then scan safely.

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    Hi Hari,

    Scanning online is safe or unsafe will be based on the site which we choose because there are many bad sites on the internet which shows false reports by showing us that our system is effected with virus and we need to download and register to them in order to clean them.If we believe them and install their software then the real problem begins.So,i advice you to choose only known sites.Its better to choose well known antivirus like norton,avast,avg etc.

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    HI Hafeez and Partha Saradhi,

    As both of you have specified, a good site is best for online scanning. I had tried many antivirs progrmame for knowledge purpose. The common thing seen in almost all the programme is that it will keep some files in the system. It may be in Registry or some time in an unknown format as dll file in system32.

    Why these companies are doing this? For getting the information about our computer ? Or Is there any other reason ?

    Regards and Thanks


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    Hi Hari,

    They keep those files to get the information about our system.It helps them to check the viruses and malware.

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    If you are using a good website to scan then it will be safe. Before scanning you have to check that the website you are using is trusted if not then you have to leave it. Antivirus is good for scanning. Scan using a trusted antivirus will. There are so many antivirus that are fake don't try that.

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