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    Discuss: Which one is the best Media Player for Windows 7 Operating System?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which one is the best Media Player for Windows 7 Operating System?'.

    1. Windows Media Player
    2. Winamp Media Player
    3. VLC Player
    4. Real Player
    5. Others
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    I prefer VLC media player is best for Windows 7. VLC media player has sound expandable up to 400% which best advantages of VLC. If your movie or songs has lesser sound lever then normal, you can increases volume up to 400%. I also uses Km player which is also good. But I prefer VLC as best media player for any operating system.

    Deepak Yadav

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    I vote for VLC media player as it play most of the format and have many option and features as compared to any other media player.
    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Milind Mohan Koyande

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    Dear friends,

    while agreeing that VLC is one of the best free media players, may I suggest another popular one viz 'Pot player". It has all the facilities of VLC and the picture quality is very good


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    Hai Smart,

    I would say that Windows Media Player is best as compare to all other media player as it is integrated with Windows operating system. so no need to download it from any external resources.

    But if you talk about the usability, VLC is good becasue we can play any type of content using VLC media player. it support almost all the audio and video formats.

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    Hi Pawan,

    I agree with your suggestion that window media player is one of the best players. But There is one difficulties in playing this player inXP and in some versions of Window 7. ie. FLV files and MP4 files cannot play in those systems. But if you install Codecs like Klite Codeck packs, it works.

    Thanks and Regards


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    I prefer VLC player.Its support almost all video formats.Some of the differences between VLC to other media players..
    1. Sound clarity and Quality is good
    2. An important feature is "Buffer Cache",it help to maintain your files to access quickly
    3. Another option is "Repair",It helps to repair your files,i.e., If your files is still downloading or if any error occurred,that repair option will solve interruption problem

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    Hi Smart,
    According to me,VLC media player is better than other media player for windows 7 operating system.sound clarity of VLC media player is good.You can repair any file which was interrupted during download.That means if you are going to download a 3minutes video file whose size is 5MB,but after 2minutes your download is interrupted due to internet connection failure or something like this case first open the file and you will find that a 'repair' option appears on your VLC screen.then click on that listen and watch the song upto 2minutes.

    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    I think Vlc is better then other.because there are many reason are first we can play any media file through is supported m,any media file.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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