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    Can anyone say about Epic browser?

    This thread is used to discuss about the topic 'Can anyone say about Epic browser?'.

    Say about epic browser? And show its history.

    Say its features and functionalities?

    Epic browser is an Indian browser founded by Indians. And all the members are requested to discuss about this browser and its uses.
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    Epic Browser is the First Browser created by Indians specially for Indian users.There are tons of Internet Browsers available including Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, however, the Epic Browser is a bit different in the sense that it has been created specifically with Indians in mind.Download Epic Browser for free and get cricket score and many more applications.

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    EPic Browser is basically built on Mozilla Firefox and inherit many feature of it which make look like firefox but have many features like sidebar with social network list i.e. you can access your social networks i.e. orkut, facebook, dig, myspace etc. on single click.
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    Milind Mohan Koyande

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    Epic, which is being tagged as the browser of Indian origin. It is claimed to be the first browser which comes integrated with an antivirus. It also boasts of its collection of apps which are clearly inclined toward Indian users.
    It is built on Mozilla Framework & open source platform. The first impression it gave was awesome, all the apps were neatly lined up on the left side bar. It comes with some beautiful themes, the tabs with great translucency & gives you a fresh blend.

    The most amazing feature of the browser is its App Bar. It caters all the needs starting from News Updates, Cricket scores to Social Networking (definitely.)
    The themes and wallpapers (for the start page of the browser) are truly inspired from India & there is an option to make the wall paper of the browser your desktop's background.

    You can easily configure what type of news you want to read & the region of interest. All this without opening a single webpage.
    With Epic you will now enjoy great integration with the video site you can also download the videos after they have fully streamed. With "Picture In Picture" feature multitasking will be now like skating on smooth ice….

    With Epic now you also don't have to worry about File Backup as you can easily backup file with Gmail.

    Priyabrata Das

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    Epic browser is designed by our Indians.It's look like Mozilla Firefox,but there is differences between them.One of the advanced feature is SIDE BAR,it includes cricket, Facebook,twitter applications direct link.Different Themes are also available.But coming to security it's some what less compared to other browsers.

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    I have also used this Epic browser. I think this is the first browser developed in India.
    when you will use this browser you find the taste of India in the form of graphics and other options. this browser is little bit slower than other browsers.
    The browsers are of different types depending on their way of technology used to browse content on internet. other ting is that this browser uses the technology or based on Mozilla Firefox on of the most used browser. I think this is the good start for the product development in India..

    with regards
    Amit gupta

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