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    Internet marketing can cause losses

    Internet marketing can cause losses

    Internet marketing can bring no profit, and cause damage, if you treat Internet marketing as a game, or pay online marketer of time and effort than is required in reality.

    In many companies are working Internet marketers. In some companies there are departments of Internet marketing. Often the primary goal of Internet marketing is a survey of competitors' sites.

    Costs of Internet marketing websites of competitors is often several times higher than the cost of direct development, support and promote your own site.

    No matter how important Internet marketing, but the establishment, maintenance and promotion of your own website is more important.

    The firm "M" runs an internet marketer with a standard salary of $ 1500. His main task - to research competitors' sites. During the year the total cost of maintenance in the state of Internet marketing, including taxes and overhead costs of about $ 25,000. In the five years of such employee costs the company "M" for more than $ 100,000.
    During this same time, the total cost of creating, supporting and promoting my own site, which deals with third-party Web Studio, was not more than $ 10,000.
    Directed to a web studio numerous marketing studies performed online marketer of "M" in the result, not only do not help, but hinder the work of Web-studio to work on the site of "M".
    If firm M spent on Internet marketing is 10 times smaller, but on their own site is 10 times larger, the efficiency of the site, ie profit from the site, would have increased many times.

    It is important
    Internet maketolog interested in receiving wages, and that he was not fired. If the work is an internet marketer runs on the instructions of superiors - he has to do what he wants it.
    But there are some crafty internet marketers, who showered guide useless bunch of various reports that are, in fact, not necessary.
    Profession and the activities of Internet marketing is very important for those firms whose activities are related to the sale of goods and services via the Internet.
    The more the activities of the company depends on the Internet, and on his own site, the more important to have a staff of competent firm Internet marketing.
    But the content of the best internet marketer whose main activity is related, for example, the marketing of competitors' sites should not be to the detriment of their own site and, consequently, their own business. The costs of creating, supporting and promoting the company website should be greater than the cost of maintaining an internet marketer working for this firm.

    Note: seo company coimbatore website design company coimbatore The exception may be cases where the principal activities of the company - providing services to Internet marketers.
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    hi Rkinfo
    very good information about Internet marketing can cause loses and it cause of can help the people and also member.


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    Hello RKInfo

    Thanks for sharing this good information. Please note that this information should not be copied from external sources directly. As copy paste is not allowed in any section of My Windows Club. You can write any information in own wordings.

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    Hi Rkinfo ,

    Thank you very much for the article about the internet marketing. Very nice information about the causes. It is really good informative. Try to produce article in your own sentence. Please dont use copy paste content over here. It is violating the article.

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    Hello rkinfo,

    Welcome to MWC, and i wish you happy earning and learning here. Thank you very much for this info. But you should not write these kind of info in forum section. Try to write in resource section if you want to share info like this cause you will get the nice points and cash for your resource. Good luck!
    Feel free to ask us anything regarding MWC.


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    thanks for greatly explaining that the internet marketing can even cause losses but if it is managed and used for genuine programmes like adsense,bloging and trafficing can some how be profit or little bit helpfull.

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    Your article is good. Internet marketing is good it is not only made up of loss. It need a talented mind and try to gain profit by advertising and make people attracted towards the product and lots of thing. It is not easy to use Online marketing as an part time Job. But it required a full time bussiness. Then only a bussiness man can get his goal. If you have any goal then try it.

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    Dear member
    I have heard about all this earlier and now when I read all that I am quite happy that I got a good case study regarding this problem. I thank you for such a valuable information.

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    I disagree.
    Yes it can cause issues BUT and ONLY but if Internet Marketing is performed in an unethical manner.
    Internet Marketing is NOT about spying on competitors. This is so far from the truth.
    I am appalled!!!
    Internet Marketing pertains to all those activities which are performed to promote a business online and to monitor the companies activities and reviews online.
    Promote a Business - includes - PPC, SEO, Social Media
    Monitor - Check on Review website(s), forums, all mentions about company
    Branding - Make sure people notice and associate the company with an activity, eg: Nike, Coca Cola have their own unique branding
    Checking on competitors - It is a part of monitoring your and your competitions activities. It is a method to determine what a competitor is doing, how we can better it, how we can counter them.

    So please note that Internet Marketing is NOT spying on your competitor at all.

    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

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    This is Nice information about the losses in internet marketing and thanks to your describe about the them.
    Good post by you.If you can make a beautiful and post in resource section then you can get a good chance for smart cash.So please post in resource section.

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