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    Discuss: Facebook made in which technology

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Facebook made in which technology'.
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    This is really nice thread to discuss and i think its not possible to develop a site like Facebook using any one single tech. So i think all the tech has been used for Facebook. Java, Html, Dot net and flash these are the main and lead tech for any website.


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    hi jeevan,

    absolutely you are rite. its not the single technology for facebook make but there might one major technology involved.

    which is the major technology and supporting technology. ?

    zini paya

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    I think if any major tech is there then it would be Java and Html. Any way as we are getting multiple facility there i think all designing language and tools has played a major role.


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    Parts of the backend might be done in C/C++ but the front end has much more PHP or Java or Python or Ruby or whatever. C/C++ for speed. PHP, etc, for quicker development.
    zini paya

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    Hi Zini,

    Nice thread from you. Really facebook is not at all a single technology used under. Because combined technologies makes social network to attract others. So many number of technologies were behind in it.


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    Hi Zini,

    I think face book is developed several types of programmes they used to develop it because the site is attracting others.

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    Hi zini

    i think Facebook is creating from Java technology or many server which is use in as C++ and other languages.


    aamir khan

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    Hi Zini , really a nice question, let me tell you what i know which technology Facebook using, As Facebook is a social utility that connects people around the web.

    Server side scripting languages used by Facebook
    mostly Facebook is using PHP that is popular scripting language for creating web pages, you can say 76 % of the site developed using PHP and then java ,and many others like python these language are used as server side scripting language by Facebook

    Client side Programming Language used by Facebook
    Java script
    Sliver light
    mostly they are using Java script for client side programming language

    Markup languages used by Facebook
    Facebook is using XHTML as their Markup language

    Character Encoding used by Facebook
    UTF-8(Eight bit Unicode Transformation Format) is a variable length character Unicoding which is backward compatible with ASCII.
    Then they are using a vast number of Content languages like German,Japanese..


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