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    World's first widely used Internet browser?

    Well my question is, What was the world's first widely used Internet browser? Answer it if you know?
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    Hello Jeevan Kumar

    I think, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome both are the most preferred Internet browsers in the world. Internet Explorer can be considered as most preferred as it is recommended by Microsoft.

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    hi Jeevan kumar.
    well this is really a good question. i heard about www(world wide web) browser which was first web browser.

    and world first widely used browser is IE as most people have this. ::)

    zini paya

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    Hai ZINI and Dinesh sir,

    Thank you very much for your opinion but let me clear it was not IE and not Chrome as my question is, Which was the first browser ever used? And Chrome is very new same way IE came after Netscape and thus there was the first browser something else? That is my question "What was the world's first widely used Internet browser?"


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    hi jeevan,

    clear your question please.

    First widely used browser or first used browser.

    First widely used browser is IE


    First used browser is www (world wide web) which is already specified in above answer.

    zini paya

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    HI Jeevan,

    The first widely used web browser was NCSA Mosaic. The Mosaic programming team then created the first commercial web browser called Netscape Navigator, later renamed Communicator, then renamed back to just Netscape. The Netscape browser led in user share until Microsoft Internet Explorer took the lead in 1999 due to its distribution advantage. A free open source software version of Netscape was then developed called Mozilla, which was the internal name for the old Netscape browser, and released in 2002. Mozilla has since gained in market share, particularly on non-Windows platforms, largely due to its open source foundation, and in 2004 was released in the quickly popular FireFox version.


    zini paya

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    Hi Zini,

    Really nice work you have done. This is a good information from you about the browser. This is a good knowledgeable question have you given.


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    Hello Jeevan Kumar

    Internet Explorer 8.0 is the widely used Internet browser at present. Google chrome also good and we can say Google Chrome is second one.

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