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    Working of search engines

    All people who use internet are familiar with It's one of the best search engine. A search engine is a platform where u enter your search phrase and search engines search the contents related to your phrase throughout giant network of websites. So if want to find anything and you don't know where to find it then go one of the search engine like, enter your phrase and search engines will provide you a number of links related to your phrase. Now you know what the search engines are. Let's know how a search engines search in giant network. For easy understanding we divide search engine into five parts :-

    1.User Interface-
    Screen where you enter you query is known as user interface. Normally you find a set of menus in upper left corner of your display screen of search engine. You can also restrict your search by selecting particular option for your query. For eg. if you want to search images then select images, now it will show only images related to your query.

    2. Searchers -
    it's a part of search engine that searches database to retrieve information related to your query.

    3. Evaluator -
    when you get results for your particular query, you find thousands of results. Now something is require that sets results according to their priority means results that match exactly with your query should be come first and less relevant results in last. So this is the work of evaluator, it sets the results in top-down order according to their relevancy score.

    4. Gatherer -
    As the name suggest it gathers the information from the world web. it traverse the web pages and store the information in their database. Gatherers are run after particular period of time and store information about millions of web pages.

    5. Indexer -
    As we know gatherer collects the information from world wide web, indexer index the gathered information to help searcher in retrieve information quickly.
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    Nice to see an article about search engines. Good work done by you. Put more forums like this.


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    Thanks for proving nice information regarding search engine work. The most valuable and important search engine is Google. Recently Google employed/introduced Google Panda a new algorithm for present website.

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