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    Large file (vhd) sync - not copy


    As we know vhd files are much larger 50gb+, in case if want to copy such big file to another device / external device weather to back it up or any other reason, as there may be one working vhd and other multiple backup on different external usb or drives, then copying it will take much time. Is there any tool or method to sync both vhd without copying it, like it check for block or byte change between souce and destination vhd so whatever the changes have been done in source vhd can be replicated over destination vhd.

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    Hi tough,

    Try to make your question proper to understand. Its is critical to understand your question.

    As you saying vhd files are longer only. But accessing both the files at a time is difficult. Because the two process at one runtime will make delay at runtime processing. So mostly avoid accessing two files. Try to make one process quicker.


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    Well bharath,

    You misunderstood what actually the question is. For you in simple words, I want to make regular backup of a large file on some external drive "offline". But I don't want to copy that large file each time (much time consuming). I want only changes from source file to be replicated into destination file. It could be any file not just a vhd file. Any file with size more then 100GB.

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    Hi tough,

    I am not misunderstood Mr.Tough. I can understand your words but what you ask the way is not clear. I asked to check to see grammatical mistakes. Try to read New Members FAQ.


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    Mr. bharath,

    Kindly don't divert new members to New Members FAQ if you can't answer what exactly was asked. You might have Masters in English so kindly keep this with you. Here members comes to know the answer of their questions. If you don't have any positive answer then its better not to post with diversions.

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    Kindly you listen and speak. I know what i am speaking. If you were that much top means be as it in yours. Dont speak as much you are ruleing over in English. And i am not diverting any new members as you saying. You are the only one speaking this much overly. Try to control your words and speak properly. All new members know their work and doing it properly. I feel you too should. When i came this website i too was new. And i listened all other members words and came to this stage. And not like you i behaved with others. Diversions is depend upon your mind, not in others words. Try to know the basic thing and speak hereafter. That will be a good platform for you in this website.

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    Mr bharath,

    Well Mr. I don't want to be at your stage where such illiterate people like you exists on this platform. If you don't know the answer just keeps yourself off from the topic and views other threads not diverting users to view this or that.

    If you know the answer then posts your reply. Learn how to present yourself to speak with new user on any platform. This will be much better for you and everyone and people will get benefit to see only answer, not such conversation or thread.

    Now unsubscribing from this forum as it could never be beneficial for any user where people like you exits on such earth.


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