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    What is Router?

    What are the main functions of routers? Why it is so important?
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    Jeevan Kumar i am not a computer professional to answer such questions. I always visit this forum to learn new things about the computer and daily updates. However i feel surprised as to why other learned members of this site are not responding to such technical posts. Even webmaster are also keeping off.

    K Mohan

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    Hi mohan sir,
    What you said is true and real fact also. None giving respose for it much. Lets we see the responses of it.


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    Hi jeevan,
    Router is a device which will forward the data packets between computer networks. Router is the process of selecting paths in the network along which we can send that in network traffic. For example, the routing is performed in many kind of networks, such as,networks like telephone,internet,transportation and so on.

    Routers were an american instrumental group in the early 1960s. This is the great aceivement by americans.

    Router is merely called swictching. But router is different from a switch.


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    It's an device that forwards data packs and directing them to the appropriate locations. Router can analyze the data being sent over a network , and there are lot of other speciality also.

    If you're a beginner, I advised to buy a complete guide from (or other online sites) will enhance your knowledge about the equipments and it's accessories.

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    Thank you very much to all, Mr. Arun your response is quit good thank you very much one second, I looking forward for more elaborations.
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    Javen hello

    Router is a Electronics Device which is use in telecommunication or use in networking services.Through the router we distribute a one internet connection into many is use in networking and also for amplify internet signal.


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    Hello Jeevan Kumar

    Router is a part of networking in computers. Router is a device that route (forward) data packets in the network. Router contains microprocessor. Using this micro processor, router connect two or more than two network with single network. Generally, router works to link local area network (LAN) to wide area network (WAN).

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    The internet forwards IP packets from a source to destination using IP destination address field in the packet header . A Router is defined as a host that has an interface on more than one networks ,or you can say they are special purpose computer that transfer data to next higher level of hiearchy.

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