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    Revised video posting guidelines

    Dear members,

    We are revised our video posting guidelines. The old video posting guideline is now replaced with the following revised guidelines.

    MWC Video Posting guidelines:

    1. The Video content should strictly be on Windows , Online seminars, and other computer related educational subject matter.

    2. The source of the Video content should be only from good and reputed Websites like, Microsoft etc. and at no point, Video Source from a malicious Website will be allowed.

    3. All the videos should be self prepared or from a technical seminal, web-cast, etc where the member participated. You can only post these if you have rights on those videos.

    4. You should not post videos at YouTube posted by others. You can post only your videos at YouTube and other reputed video sharing sites. All the videos that are not owned by the member posting that video will be deleted.

    5. The Video sequence at any point should not contain Porn / Erotic / inappropriate contents. Members may ensure this by going through the entire Video before posting here. However, Editors will also ensure this before approving.

    6. The Video content should have clear Audio / Video track, so that others are benefited from it. In no case, poor Audio / Video quality shall be permitted.

    7. All the videos should have proper title and detailed description. The videos with inappropriate title and description will be rejected without giving any reason.

    8. The title of Video posted by members should clearly mention the subject and it should be appropriate and SEO friendly. Don't use words like "download", "song", etc in the title or description of your video.

    9. Members are also requested to post only contents related with Windows or other latest advancements in the field of Internet, Hardware etc. They may desist from posting other general contents like review of electronic gadgets etc. since they are unrelated to this Website.

    10. Avoid videos with excessive advertisements.
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    Thanks for posting these guidelines for posting videos. Normally members were thinking to hoist videos available on the net and that is totally prohibited. But please inform me if i have a video made by me on wmv format , can we submit that directly to the site without going through other sources ?

    K Mohan

    The '''Cheer Leader ''' of this site

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    It is really good guideline for me because i was not sure what kind of video i should submit here and now by watching these guidelines i could understand everything so thank you sir.

    And i do have the same doubt suppose i could make our own video from any resources on the topic mentioned above how does it possible to submit here directly. I think for link submission we need to upload somewhere then only we can submit the video link here na?

    Best Regard,

    Jeevan kumar

    "People says 143. I say 444 i.e. Love Your Life"

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    Dear K Mohan and Jeevan Kumar,

    After making your own video you can upload it in some reputed video sharing sites like YouTube, etc. After that you can post the video script here in MWC. You can watch the video titled "My windows club Introduction and FAQs" at YouTube( by one of our member and embedded in the MWC home page.

    Currently you we don't have feature to play video directly. I will pass these matters to Mr. Tony, so in near future you all may be able to post videos directly in MWC.

    But remember to give a detailed description to your video and also the video should have a SEO friendly title.

    Abhisek Panda
    Be Happy and Make Others also Happy
    Go Green and Save [Y]our Future.

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    Thanks Abhisek sir,

    It is really good way to share our knowledge as to understand something from a video is quit easier than the any other formats.


    "People says 143. I say 444 i.e. Love Your Life"

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    Hello sir,
    Its nice to hear this from your guideline. I thought only views and comments are only can submits by viwers. But its quite good to hear this.
    I have a doubt in it sir. I think you will sure make clear about it for me nu.
    Only related topics can be make it as videos and can submit ah or any other topics related can be make videos and can submit ah. i mean general videos can be able to take and submit ah nu asking sir..

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    Dear Bharath,

    We allow only topics related to Window and other educational stuffs like seminars, conferences, etc. If you have a own video on any general topic related to Windows like Internet, SEO, etc, you can surely post them.

    Abhisek Panda
    Be Happy and Make Others also Happy
    Go Green and Save [Y]our Future.

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    Thank you Abhisek sir,
    Its a valuable information for all. It will be work out in all stages.

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