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    What is difference between TCP and UDP?

    i want to know the basic differences and usages of both protocols in our real life.
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    Hello Jeevan Kumar

    TCP and UDP are the Internet protocols. TCP means Transmission Control Protocol and UDP is User Data-gram Protocol.

    TCP is a connection based protocol. In this the connections like client to server. We can send data with this connection. This is very reliable and the data does not get corrupted at all.

    UDP is a simple message based but connection less protocol. With this we can send messages and packets in our network. This is not very much reliable and data can be lost sometimes.

    Dinesh Sood

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    Hi kumar,

    there are both of internet protocols.which is use for internet.UDP stand for user Data gram Protocol and also TCP stand for Transmission Control Protocols.

    UDP is message based which is use in networking and pockets,it is not very easy we can loose data.

    TCP is internet protocol which use is networking it is reliable and we can send data .we can block data from network administrator and user.



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    TCP and UDP are two popular transport layer protocols in the internet UDP provide multiplexing but no error recovery. it is typically used by application that can neither live with packet loss such as audio video applications ,while TCP provides error detection and correction,as well as multiplexing and flow control .it provides higher layers with abstraction of an error free,reliable,in order stream of bits Most internet application like WWW and FTP uses TCP . TCP achieves error control using sequence number ,as taught by others they are used for sending packets ,TCP is used for single packets while UDP is for bigger packets

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    Hi Aamir and Technocia,

    Thank you very much for your response, I would like to know some real time examples for both the protocols as i have mentioned earlier too.


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    Hello Mr. Jeevan kumar, I will try my best to let you understand, First thing you need to understand is TCP is connection-oriented protocol and UDP is connectionless protocol. Suppose you send a file or message through TCP, Then it will get delivered unless connection fails, if connection lost the server will request lost part and there will be no corruption while transferring a file or message, While when you use UDP protocol to send a data or message, you will not come to know whether it will get delivered or not, it could got lost on the way and there may be corruption while transferring a message, Second thing let's talk about ordering of message, Suppose you want to send two messages along a TCP connection one after another, then you know the first message will get there first, you don't have to worry about data arriving in wrong order in TCP connection means ordered connection ,while when you use UDP protocol to send the same two messages, then you will not come to what order they will arrive mean to say no ordered Third thing now talk about streaming, Data is read "stream".with nothing distinguishing where one packet end and another begins, In TCP their may be multiple packets per read call, while in UDP protocol packets are sent individually and are not guaranteed to be whole if they arrive. One packet per one read call, TCP protocol is being used by WWW(Apache TCP port 80), email(SMTP TCP port 25 postfix MTA), FTP (21) and Secure shell and UDP protocol is being used by DNS,streaming media such as IPTV or movies, VOIP,trivial file.

    Hope you will understand this


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