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    What happens if we forget to switch off the local area connection

    Before shut down, if we forget to switch off local area connection then what happens.

    K Mohan
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    I do not think any big problem may be there, but after shut down system Internet will keep sending and receiving data as it does always. So by that way your data usage may be increased unnecessary and may be the problem regarding the security of internet.

    So, i recommend we should always keep turn off of internet connection when we are not suppose to use.

    And before shutting down the system we need to shut down our internet connection, its good for our network security point of view. If its not means it may be used by some other person, who has great skilled knowledge of network they may hack the connection.


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    Jeevan Kumar thanks for responding to this post with great details. I can understand the need to switch off everything after we shut down the computer for our better only. Hackers are looking for loopholes and may try to penetrate into our data base if we take this issue lightly. Thanks for alerting everyone.

    K Mohan

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    There will not be any problem if you don't switch off the local network connection, Except it will use some power to work and also it will produce some heat and if it work long and the life time of the product will be reduced.

    Save Power Save energy and go green.

    Save the world and save people by doing this hind of small things will make a big difference

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hello Respected K Mohan Sir

    Generally every company does not switch off the local area network. Also this is not recommended to switch off our local area network. But we should need to use the local area network behind the firewall. The firewall will secure our local area network from hacking and other issues from external networks like Internet.

    Local Area Network is the major necessity of every company or home. If we are using more than one computer at home then local area network is very beneficial to share data and use same Internet and other operations.

    Dinesh Sood

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