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    MWC needs suggestions for a new exciting resource contest

    Dear members,

    Thanks to you all for your valuable contribution to MWC. During January 2011 we saw a lot of new resources in MWC and thanks again to all our valuable members. MWC is making the progress slowly. In this year we will start some new exciting contests. In the first phase we have planned to have a new resource contest. We need all your suggestions to start the new contests as we always emphasize on member's active involvement in every aspect of MWC.

    We have planed to give a special award to one member every month who will contribute maximum number of quality resource in the respective month. We may give a topic to post resources for this contest like we do in the keyword contest or you may post any useful quality resource related to Windows.

    The main condition will be all the resources will be self written and must be well enhanced for Search Engine. We will declare the details after getting your suggestions. We may give extra cash credits or a small gift to one winner every month along with an appreciation certificate.

    Please give your suggestions to form the detailed award structure. All are welcome to represent their views and ideas.
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    Dear Abhisek,

    Well, it is a great idea that further improvement of MWC is being taken care of by such steps during 2011. I would like to suggest the following for the resource content: -
    "Gadgets and Operating Systems".

    In this topic, we can cover both latest Gadgets and the platform on which they are operating like Android, Windows, Linux etc.

    I hope this topic would give you variety of permutations and combinations inviting a great deal of resources in MWC.

    My best wishes to you for a healthier future of MWC.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    The topic should be Windows 8 operating system because it will increase the search engine traffic,as it will be used by the users for searching any feature of windows 8.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    Hello Sir,

    I think the topic should be Cloud Computing or Mobile Apps

    Now a days both the topic is very popular everywhere, Every here and there the seminar and Lecture are conducted on these topics only,
    Even Mobile Apps is very fast growing Apps and it must be well known to all concerned people so i think these two are the best according to the demand of this era.

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    Hello Abhishek,

    Well, I was having another suggestion. Why not make a package contest in which a topic or a couple will be given and members will be asked to submit a package of about 20 or 25 resources on a given topic. You can use your own terms and condition. The prize for the contest must be really cool, I would like something like Rs. 2000 or something (it all depends on you, happily).

    This is what my suggestion is.

    Thank you
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    Thanks to you all for your suggestions. We will declare the new contest soon after getting some more interesting ideas.
    Abhisek Panda
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