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    Type of server

    how many type of server?what is DNS?

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    Dear Raheel,
    I would like to tell you first what is server? i think you know very well that Server is something which serves your requests. So anything which responses your requests, is called Servers.

    If we talk about types of server then i think that is not sure we need to specify in which you define the types of server. Here you can see some servers which is actually categorized on the basis of their particular operation/responses.Example:

    Telnet server
    Proxy server
    Name server
    Web server
    Application server
    Name server
    Sound server
    Print server
    File server
    FAX server
    And many more...

    DNS is actually Domain Name System which assign URL name for I.P Addresses. The Domain Name System makes it possible to assign domain names to groups of Internet resources and users in a meaningful way, it associates various informations with Domain Name. For Example,

    Let a domain name may be translated into the I.P address

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    i read in some web site domain name divided into different part.

    WWW (another part)
    example(another part)
    .com (another part)

    can you explain this.


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    Well its a part of DNS where it is categories in three sectors, And i think you know very well the first part that is WWW(World Wide Web) and the second part is chosen by the webmasters its your wish when you create your website which is called URL.

    The last and the most important one is

    So, it is dependent on the concerned organisation from which the website is related. It identifies the type of the websites like .com for commercial and the same way .in means India.


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    Raheel thanks for raising this post and i have been watching the responses to this post from other members too. As rightly pointed out by Jeevan Kumar the possibilities of having DNS address for registering new domains can be possible in seven different ways. They are


    And you can also use a dot to still beautify the web address. Like etc.

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    Hi Raheel

    there are many server available but some are given blow please note it.
    list is given blow

    mail server

    proxy server

    web server

    application server

    FTp server

    real time server

    collaboration server

    open source server

    telnet server

    above list is about servers.

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