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    Can we purchase second hand laptops

    Some companies are offering second hand laptops at cheaper rates. Is that advisable to purchase them.

    K Mohan
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    This poll results suggest that we can purchase the second hand laptops. But its always a risk to depend on its performance. As the laptop is already used by the user, the life may be very less and hence it was being parted to others. Many companies are offering at very cheap rates and some times even very tempting rates.

    K Mohan

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    Hello Mohan Sir,

    It is always advisable not to buy any second hand laptops, not only second hand laptops but also other any electronic gadgets. Let me tell you why we consider not to buy those:

    - Buying a secong hand laptop, is something where users make a big mistake because they might not be knowing what is there within the system, the outlook might be very good but the real system might be a big bug.

    - Buying a secong hand laptop even include the expiration of various important alerts and causing into virus attacks accidently or unknowingly within the systems, so afterwards you wont be able to tell the retailer anything regarding the system because the responsibility lies within your hand only.

    - Tech products especially Laptops dont have any guarantee over second hand products, so there lies a big disadvantage. So make sure, you can buy anything in secong hand for home made materials, but not any computers or laptops since they are your workers till your life end.

    According to your saying Mohan Sir, yes it is true that some companies are selling secong hand materials that rea really degrading the professional outlook of the society. We should really discourage them right from the very time.

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    Sashwato Chatterjee

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    It is not easy to analyze the second hand laptop as it can be any condition. If you still want to purchase the second hand laptop you need to check the motherboard for the problems, processor condition, RAM condition, Hard disk condition because those are the important components of the computer.

    Many of the branded laptops are put in auction and people are bidding for it to get the working parts to make a new one.

    It is not advisable to buy any second hand laptop's without warranty, you cannot do anything if something goes wrong.

    If you have the warranty then you can ask the company to replace or fix the issue in the laptop

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hello Respected K Mohan

    I do not recommend anyone to buy a second hand laptop. Nobody sell the laptop in good working condition. If anyone face a major problem and then he can sell the laptop to dealer and buy new one with some concession. If anyone has old laptop in working condition then he always keep with him for own use.

    These days laptops are not very much costly. We can buy new one with cheaper rate. Before buying for new laptop we should need to compare the rates and specifications. Also we can take advantage of bargaining.

    Dinesh Sood

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