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    For uploading songs into mobiles which is best small format to load in

    Please give reply with details.

    K Mohan
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    You don't need to look for another formats, its all about compression techniques. You can compress your mp3 files in mp3 format itself. the smaller the file the lower the quality it will be.

    If you are so specific in switching format real media formats are good for nokia phones ( ie .rm) but its not compatible with many other phones.

    There are many converters available on which you can compress your music files like Switch is one of them, Mp3 Lame is another freeware.

    Its not a big thing, lot of freewares available online.

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    Fashee thanks for reply. But if we convert mp3 songs to a small format the quality and lenghth of the song get reduced. For example if the song is of four minutes and after conversion its reducing to 2 minutes plus then whats the use we cannot appreciate full song. And whole mp3 as it is becoming big file and taking lots of memory space in mobile.

    K Mohan

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    Hello K.Mohan Sir,

    There are various ways that you can get songs to your mobile. The prime way is to get it through Bluetooth Connection if your mobile enables such kind of connection.

    Most of the websites allows it to transfer through bluetooth. It is considers to be the somewhat safe method. If you mobile is GPRS enabled, then opt out for inputs that you can download it via your computer. It is because if you consider downloading directly, you many not know if there are direct virus attack onto your mobile phone. We have heard many cases recently that virus attacks have been suspected through direct downloading of songs or applications to mobile phones.

    I would prefer to you that you download first to your computer, because the viruses gets checked and detected through Antivirus downloading. So prefer it, you may remain much safer to download many things and applications or more.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sashwato Chatterjee

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    Sashwato you have not understood the thread. I am having good songs collection in my computer which is of wma,wave,mp3 formats. But my mobile is having less memory space. So in order to counter this i resorted to compressing the audio output format but the output is coming to fifty percent of song only. If i upload the original mp3 format then i could able to load only few songs and that too it takes lots of time to upload.

    K Mohan

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    Hello K,

    I understood your problem and I would suggest you to increase your mobile memory space my buy a 2GB RAM MicroSD card. So that you can load more than 100-200 songs.
    Compressing doesn't give best quality of songs.

    To transfer songs to your mobile phone then go for mp3 or mp4 format.

    Better you must buy a memory card.It just comes with 300/- transcend or sandisk

    Best of luck

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    sometimes this problem exist in the downloading of the songs that songs will not properly compressed and then causes the problems during the run time and best solution is that download the songs in the format which is fully compatible with your mobile phone instead to looking for the best frame rate and high quality format and that too given on the Mobile manuals.

    The Other thing of concern is to look for the more memory space because compressing sometimes doesnot allows the complete buffering because of some high priority interrupts that will cause the interruption in the compression and allows more space for the songs to upload and that too from compatible device.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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