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    Which is faster among all browsers?


    Which is faster among all browsers?

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    Google chrome is the light weight and best browser. I am using Google chrome and satisfied with the performance.

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    Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers. Browsers like Mozilla, Safari, Internet explorer and Epic browsers are also having good performance. When considering performance we need to look in to the features that are provided by browsers. Internet explorer 9 beta is comparatively good compared to Internet Explorer 8.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Firefox is the fastest browser.Try comparing the performance of firefox with google chrome.

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    Google Chrome is the best browser we have yet. There is no one browser like chrome after all it belongs to Google, and i am not wrong to say that Google is GOD, as far the internet concerns so Google chrome is the best its performance , speed and overall services is simply superb..!!

    Google Chrome rocks....!!

    Jeevan kumar

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    Google chrome is good for text based sites. But when it comes to view video based sites then its asking to install window player and then view. I think google has failed here.

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    I will vote for Mozilla FireFox which I like very much for its speed, compatibility etc.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
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    As far the surfing on the internet is concerned, i will prefer Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome because they are compatible with the most of the activities and sometimes, Internet explorer is also required in order to carried out security activities because servers sometimes doesnot allowed the third parties browsers to access their information easily, as some servers make use of the certain rights and, in that case internet Explorer is used because the Google chrome and Mozilla provides the high speed of surfing and some people prefer Mozilla while the others make use of the Google chrome because both having advantages and disadvantages on one another.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    I use firefox. But if you think about performance and speed first three are relative fast. One research showed close competition between many browsers.
    1) Chrome
    2) Opera
    3) Firefox
    4) IE

    Even few browsers like avant, flock, epic, lunascape is also perform good.
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    Each and every browser are fast but the point is that how fast is your internet.
    The average fast speed delivered by any internet provider lies between 100 to 112 mbps.

    If this is your constant speed then I would recommend you to go for Mozilla Firefox.


    1.It keeps updating itself with new versions and notifies that your browser have been updated.

    2.Hundreds of applications to help you out in many cases.

    3.Plug-in's and themes are awesome and useful too.

    4. No complaints from any user who have tried this browser.

    5.Automatically apply for crash report.

    6. Most of the exe files on internet needs or ask for Mozilla Firefox.

    Best of luck

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    Hi i personally use firefox. because i am blogger and do seo. But understand chrome is faster and opera is bit more faster as compared to firefox. Opera load all content first and the images. It has turbo option i makes faster them firefox.

    Basically browser use three kind of plateforms.
    1 or 2 or 3
    Chrome and opera use 1, then firfox use 2 and IE use third one.
    lunascape hybrid plateform. When you search about more you will know the plateforms of browser.

    If you use 512kbps internet every thing is fast but IE you will feel it is bit slower as compared to others.

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    Hai friends,

    Really I can get a feel of very effective knowledge sharing out of our web site. Thank you very much for sharing your different kinds of opinions.

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    Hai friends,

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and views.

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    My vote will always be for Mozilla Firefox, but the only thing that bothers me about firefox is the plugin crashes which happen in between.

    But still it is by far the best when compared to IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
    Safari is good but have some Interface issues. The plugins are not satisfactory.!

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    According to me Google chrome is faster but now am using Internet Explorer 9 beta and its quite faster than google chrome.

    I prefer IE 9 beta.

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    Dr. A. Vijaya Kathiravan since you initiated this thread kindly moderate it and respond with the members with their reactions. Thus the discussions will be very fruitful. And if you feel you got the right response then close the thread.

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