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    India has to launch a new search engine like Google!

    Hai Proud Indians,

    India is a place holder for variety of human resources. We are No:1 in Remote Sensing in Satellites. We as a Indian should be grateful to Dr. Abdul Kalam for that. In the same way, We have to develop our own operating systems. We have to create a new database management system and we should incorporate new tools, softwares and hardwares as per our Indian need. My dream is to create a search engine like Google in India. What is your opinion about this? Can anyone who is interested in Search Engine area, join together with me in this?

    Your friendly Indian,
    Dr. A. Vijaya Kathiravan &
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    We have search engines from indians companies like SIFY, REDIFF, INDIATIMES and so on. we are not behind but our search engines are not so popular as Google or Yahoo.
    Mehmood Sultan

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    The Google and Yahoo has biggest names in the field of search engine and the Microsoft Bing engine is also in race of the top search engine and as far as the Indian search engine is concerned, it is there but not followed by the too much people.

    The Indians are also making use of the Google and yahoo for carrying out their operations because the facilities provided them is excellent and then how it is possible that our search engine will become famous worldwide, as it is not even used by the majority of Indian users

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    A search engine on the lines or even better than google and yahoo is the need of the hour and our scientists must work on this sooner. Though some companies in India are helful to search, but a bigger, faster and reliable search engine is needed.

    K Mohan

    The '''Cheer Leader ''' of this site

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    India got tagged,in branded names SIFY, REDIFF, INDIATIMES and many more.
    These are enough search engines. And we have Google the best-est among all search engines and it has established itself so vast that its hard to introduce a new engine and get recognition in cyber world.

    We all are happy with the Google performance.

    Best of luck

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    Hi vijaya,
    I appreciate your dream. But making search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, ask is not easy. They have army of experts, engg, scientist and seo experts. Also, they have millions to invest in any project.
    I don't understand how can you build search engine? Single person. I undesrtand chinese search engine baidu got popularity. Even 100s of search engine peoples are using. I can only do seo, ranking related analysis.

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    I appreciate your thoughts, Yes we have our own Search engine. This dream become a true if every Indian start using only Indian products. If we used Indian email, social network, and other Indian internet services then revenue goes to Indian company's.
    with best regards

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    Hai Rahul, Vilas and all,

    Thanks a lot for your kind opinions.

    with regards,
    Dr. A. Vijaya Kathiravan, &
    provides ans opportunity for earn while you lean.

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    Hai friends,

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and views.

    with regards,
    Dr. A. Vijaya Kathiravan, &
    provides ans opportunity for earn while you lean.

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