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    SEO Tips: How to create search engine friendly links?

    Writing great articles is just not enough to get visitors to your posts. Typically, visitors come to any web page through search engines. So, the key to successful online content writing is making search engines happy and have your content pages appear in search engines when people search for topics on your subject. You may need to make some small optimizations on your content pages and tune your content writing style to attract best search engine traffic to your posts. This is called 'Search Engine Optimization'.

    The most important factor in making search engines show your posts in search results, the number of incoming links to your page from other websites.

    If there are several websites linking to your article page, then that tells search engines that your post is important and they will give higher priority for your page. So, getting links to your page from other websites is the most important factor. You may visit other websites and write articles in those sites with a link to your page.

    Incoming links

    There are several factors that influence search engine ranking for your content pages.

    1. Number of incoming links to your page from other websites and from the same site itself. The more links you have to your page, the better.

    2. Links from relevant sites. If you write an article about "Windows 8" and if you get a link from Microsoft's official web page about "Windows 8", that is the best you can ever get! But if you get a link from a football website to your windows 8 article page, that is almost useless.

    3. Use every opportunity to cross promote your articles. This means, in each of your article, convert the specific keywords in your pages to hyperlinks to your other posts. Look at the point #2 above and see that I used the opportunity to make a link to our Windows 8 page. This is a free promotion to our Windows 8 page with no extra efforts! You should make such links from each of your article pages to your other articles pages. Or, you can have a deal with your friend and provide links each other. Remember to link to only relevant and related pages and not to unrelated pages.

    4. Use proper keywords as anchor text. (Anchor text is the text in the clickable link).

    The following links are not very helpful:

    Learn more about Windows 8.

    Click here to learn more about Windows 8.
    Learn more about Windows 8 by clicking http://www.articles/Windows-8.aspx.

    The first link is using the anchor text "Learn more"
    Second link is using the anchor text "here"
    Third link is using the anchor text ""

    The above links are telling search engines that the page it is linking to is about the topics "Learn more", "here" and "" respectively, which is meaningless !

    The ideal way of linking is, using a link like this:

    Learn more by visiting our Windows 8 page.

    The above link uses the ideal keywords for the target link and it clearly tells search engines that the target page is all about Windows 8

    Small changes in your writing style can make a huge difference in search engine optimization and online content writing.
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    Hi Tony,

    Great SEO Tips. Hope every one will be greatly benefited from this. I urge all members to have a second look at each and every line of this thread and make or change their articles accordingly.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    Hi Tony,

    You have given excellent tips on Search Engine Optimization. This is really useful for every one who want to get huge traffic to their article pages. I will follow your guidelines while writing articles in all the sections of MWC including Windows 8 section. I am also having some articles written in some of our sister sites related to Windows 8, I will optimize those articles too. Thank you for helping us by giving such a fantastic tips on Search Engine Optimization.


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    Great response above, Raghav. You have done the linking in an ideal way in your response.

    It is a great idea to make some of the keywords in your posts as hyperlinks to your other pages. Remember to limit the links per page to 3-5.

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    Hi Tony,

    These are really excellent tips on SEO. I will definitely follow these steps and try to improve the website traffic. These are really good tips and hope other members of this website are also going to get some benefits and learn some SEO from this thread.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Tony Sir,

    This is a very handy suggestion given by you. It is really meaningless to write good contents without getting indexed as per our expectations in Search Engines. The best way is to provide links to webpages to drive traffic to our sites.

    This can give a great boost to traffic driving to our content posts and can gain a huge traffic to the site when we could follow up with this rule. Members can benefit themselves greatly, if they can follow the instructions as per given by Tony sir and optimize their posts to the fullest so that we can get a great response from Search engines.

    Hope members will follow up and have a great go with the idea!!

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sashwato Chatterjee

    Thanks and Regards,

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    I find this SEO tips very much useful while writing Windows 7 resources in any Windows 7 website. Thanks for posting this tips at MWC.

    Regards -
    The world is so big that computer has it in a chip!

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    There is no need to create search engine friendly links to external websites from our site, except for our partner sites. Giving external links will negatively impact our site. Also, terms like "resources", "websites" etc are not optimized anchor text. The word "resources" alone does not mean anything and will not help the target page you are pointing above. Instead, if you have used the anchor text "Windows resources", that means something about Windows. Also, instead of the anchor text "websites", if you had used "Windows 7 websites" or "Windows websites", that would have been useful.

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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your advice and I have accordingly amended the response there and in future I shall avoid the external links in my response.

    Regards -
    The world is so big that computer has it in a chip!

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    Tony this is the right post at right time when members were pondering over this issue. Hope the tips given there will be very useful to all members.

    K Mohan

    The '''Cheer Leader ''' of this site

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    Great thread for the members looking for the high Google ad-sense and it would help them to keep their posts on the top of the Google search engines and by following the above instructions mentioned by the Tony sir and thanks for sharing this information with us.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    Hey thanks tony.
    These are really good tips for us. Surely small things makes big difference.
    Price In India

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    Thanks for valuable SEO guidelines.
    with best regards

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