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    Creating a network using cable

    Can it be possible to create a network of two(2) computers without using hub or switch or router?
    Only cable is used.

    BPrince Pandey
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    Yes you can connect two computers using cable

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    Yes It is very much possible you can able to connect the two computers using Lan cable. Once the lan cable is attached with the two computers and then try pinging IP address for the both machine. If Ping command is working fine at their end it means It works perfectly and Incase you were getting a requested timed out error, there might be a local Issue.

    Best Regards,
    Arun M.S.

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    Hi BPrince Pandey

    Two computer can be connected using cable without using Hub or Switch.

    But you have to take care of cabling wen you are connecting cumputer to computer or hub to hub or switch to switch, it must be done by croseover cable method.

    where as system to switch is done using straight cable method.

    See the attached image for details regarding straight and crossover cable connection.

    go through the blog :

    Mehmood Sultan

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    Thanks Pandey for your post and Sultan for illustrating it with a diagram and how to connect two computers with a cable. Its informative and useful to other members too. Such querries must be encouraged from the memebers.]

    K Mohan

    The '''Cheer Leader ''' of this site

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    yes, It is possible by using the network protocols which can follow the principle of TCP/IP model because all the layer on which the network communication is depends on the layers defined with in this model and the use of the wireless connection is also achieved along with wire oriented by making use of the drivers that needs to support the communication between the two machines easily.

    The wi-fi connection is also achieved without above mentioned devices and i do not think there is anything wrong with it.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    Hi Pandey,

    Defenitely you can connect two pcs through cable without the use of switch or hub.

    As Sultan said, you can connect otwo pcs with one cross over cable. Now, there is no need of such cross over cables to make connection between two laptops (LAN). Straight cable is enough to make connection between two modern laptops.

    The important factor to make a LAN connection between two computers are the IP address range.

    I will tell you an example.

    Take the following settings to make a LAN connection between two Pcs.
    PC1- IP address:, Subnet Mask :
    PC2- IP address:, Subnet Mask :
    After made these settings and physical connection through above mentioned cable, Check the pinging between Pcs.
    For that, open command prompt and type "Ping" from PC1. If you get reply from PC2, Connection may working properly.
    Try it with PC2, "ping"


    Sameera M

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    Hello Prince Pandey,

    Yes you can definitely try out the method of switching out two sources of computing from a single source using various methods. The networking on two computers can be shared based on the value of data being shared by both the computer.

    You can connect two computers which is the mode of sharing a same IP address using the LAN Connection and sharing the internet access of two computers. It definitely connects two computers using a router. There are some special cases where they are blocked out, but yes indeed you can keep them out connecting by imploying various instruments as in case of a router. These can modify the visual changes within the system and it remains connected.

    You can share the files on both the computers.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sashwato Chatterjee

    Thanks and Regards,

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