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Questions & Answers

Which is the best home theater?

Are you planning to buy new Home theatre but do not know which to choose under budge of Rs. 5000? Find the suitable and best brand from answers of our experts.

Honda Amaze diesel cars review and feedback

Are you enthusiastic to know about Honda’s new surprise diesel car Honda Amaze? If yes, you may just go through this article and get answers to all the questions emerging in your mind

Please explain the SopCast usage in detail.

Heard of SopCast? SopCast is a freeware tool which is can be used to watch videos and TV online. In this post you would be able to get expert reviews on SopCast and the detailed procedure to use SopCast.

The best gadget for losing weight

Looking for a gadget that will help you to lose weight effectively? Check out the feedback from others in this Ask Expert thread to know which weight loss gadgets are the best ones & their prices too.

Best hair dryers below Rs.1500

Will you be buying a hair dryer soon and want one which is within a budget of INR1500? Find out from the responses below which hair dryers are the best ones within this budget.

Best electric grills in India

Are you looking for an electric grill for preparing Bar-Be-Que or grilling some vegetables? Find out the best electric grills for indoor or outdoor cooking.

Can we claim a refund on damaged TV set due to faulty electricity supply?

Are you faced with a problem of your TV having been damaged due to voltage fluctuation of electricity supply? Do you want to know if you an claim compensation for the damage of your TV from electricity department? Follow this thread and read expert opinion whether you can claim compensation from electricity appliances for damage of your electronic appliances due to voltage fluctuation ?

What is the differences between Silver CD and Blue CD

Are you curious to know the differences between a silver CD or a Blue CD? Do you want to know why some DVD players wont read a blue colour CD? Has the colours of the CDs anything to do with piracy? Follow this thread and read answers by our experts who will explain you the differences between Silver and Blue CDs.

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