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iOS9 or Andriod M which is best ?

Looking for the features of iOS9 and Andriod M to compare? Check out the responses below to understand how each differs from the other.

Technical aspects of Exodus: Gods and King

Eager to know about the technical effects used in the recently released film Exodus? Find out from the responses below all the various technical features used in the film.

Where are the custom made tablet PCs avaible to order?

Are you looking for a custom made tablet PC in India? Do you want to know the availability of custom made tablet PC in India? If not, do you want to know whether you can order a custom made tablet PC from China? Follow this thread and read expert answers to your questions and any other information relating to buying and availability of custom made tablet PCs in India or China.

What is wormhole theory for New York

Have you heard of wormhole theory? May be you can help this member clarify his doubts regarding the same. Try to answer this question about wormhole theory.

What is Google Project Zero?

Are you looking for detailed information on Google Project Zero project? Follow this thread to learn more about it and how it works.

What is the transaction limit in Paypal for Indians

Are you looking for the Paypal transaction limit for Indians? As of today, the limit per transaction remains $3,000 per transaction. Even though RBI has approved an increase in the limits, it is not yet implemented by Paypal. Read more about the recent changes in the limitations in Paypal transactions in India.

How to download songs from Soundcloud

Want to know whether the Soundcloud website is having authentic songs from where you can download them legally? Follow the expert responses below to know the answer.

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